Offset printing

SCREEN has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Computer to Plate (CtP) systems. Currently we have more than 22,000 engines installed worldwide and this number is still growing.
SCREEN is able to provide CtP solutions for all press sizes and for all throughput requirements, and each machine is built with the same attention to detail that ensures our world-renowned reliability. Many existing customers have been using their CtP devices and their machines are still performing as well today as the day they were installed. Precision engineering lies at the heart of the PlateRite series. The quality of our CtP devices relies on the consistency of production.

TRUST Network Service

TRUST Network Service

Advanced IoT Solutions Maximize Performance
at Production Sites That Demand Optimal Effciency

Solving Client Problems Is Our Core Mission
The Internet of things (IoT) has quickly become a key factor in industry, triggering major advances in business innovation across a wide range of areas. It has underpinned the development of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector and self-driving vehicles in the automotive field. The IoT connects many different types of physical objects (things) to the Internet, allowing the accumulation of vast quantities of data, known as big data. It allows companies to gain an in-depth understanding of various aspects of the issues potentially affecting customers. However, it is important to interpret the gathered data so it holds value from a customer’s perspective and represents knowhow that can be used to solve relevant problems.
At SCREEN, we are proud of our achievements as a comprehensive manufacturer of graphic arts equipment.
We have more than 70 years of experience in solving the challenges facing the printing industry and have built a relationship of deep trust with our clients. Our goal is to integrate the practical expertise gained over many years of working at the forefront of graphic arts development with the dramatic opportunities for connectivity provided by the new IoT.
Harnessing the knowledge available from the big data generated by current equipment and services will enable us to bring new offerings to market. It is these products and services that will support the continuing success of our clients.

Digital book & Manual

SCREEN Truepress series combine various features that precisely meet both the rising need for diversified and small lot production centered around on-demand book production, as well as customer requirements for lower costs and faster turnaround. This versatile system also delivers industry-leading quality thanks to SCREEN’s proprietary inkjet technologies. In addition to improving the efficiency and performance of existing operations, its smooth integration with postpress devices opens up unlimited potential for on-demand book printing and other fields.

Direct mail, transpromo

Conventional commercial print job lengths have been reduced as marketing shifts to personalized printing, targeting the specific needs of a particular customer or market segment. This trend is leading to increased need for customized printing such as personalized catalogs, direct mails and full-color invoices, and with the highest impact coming from full-color variable printing. The Truepress Jet520 series are the variable printing system that combines SCREEN’s high-quality prepress technology with the very latest color inkjet technology. Thanks to the quality and speed it offers, the Truepress Jet520 series are the perfect printing system for today’s world.


As consumer tastes continue to diversify, the label printing industry’s demand for improved multi-format, short-run capabilities is growing every year. There is also a trend towards using an increasingly wide variety of materials in label designs to promote differentiation with competitor products. SCREEN’s label printing system realizes high productivity, a number of material compatibility, wide color gamut and easy operation, making it an optimal choice for any field.
Additionally, connecting with EQUIOS increases the efficiency and reliability of the label printing workflow from data creation right through to post-processing.


The challenge: to convert products shops want to sell into items customers want to buy. SCREEN wide-format UV inkjet printing system delivers previously unseen performance when handling diverse, large-lot jobs requiring a quick turnaround. Rapidly changing consumer needs can now be met as they arise without missed opportunities. With its unsurpassed throughput, UV inkjet printing brings a level of flexibility and cost performance to the handling of media that is difficult to achieve with offset or screen printing ? particularly with short-run work.

Displays, Signage

Changing consumer needs and faster delivery of information are expected to drive a major increase in POP, sign and display work. What kind of press can provide the rapid turnaround, reliability and top quality demanded by customers?
Most products these days, display and signage produced in small lots targeted to different segments of the market. What’s more, due to a desire to make these products stand out from those of competitors, there is increasing demand for stylish designs. At the same time, manufacturing processes continue to shift to just-in-time, inventory-less production. SCREEN wide-format UV inkjet printing system delivers high quality multi-layer printing and lenticular printing, double-sided window films with high productivity and a number of material compatibility.