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Smart, flexible creation of diverse variable print data

The world around us is currently experiencing a period of rapid change, with diversity increasing in every area
from individual lifestyles to society as a whole. This shift is also driving a growing interest in the personalization
of printed media, a high-impact marketing technique designed to appeal to the preferences of individual
consumers. For printing companies, the transition has led to a dramatic upturn in the use of variable printing, which
provides an ideal solution to these new needs.
PDFormstudio is a ground-breaking software solution that transforms how variable printing is performed.
It enables both quicker and easier creation of the PDF data for a wide variety of variable print materials,
from labels to direct mail and leaflets. This previously time-consuming process can now be executed in one
highly efficient operation.
PDFormstudio is extremely versatile and can be used with equipment ranging from toner to roll-fed inkjet
systems. It also features a wealth of functions required for variable printing, including composition and aggregation
tools as well as the creation of many types of barcodes and serial numbers.
This is an ideal solution for printing companies wanting to position themselves at the forefront of
variable printing and take their business to a new level.



  • pdform_img01en.jpg Ideal for three applications PDFormstudio is specially designed for use in transactional printing (targeting direct mail), commercial printing (targeting publishing) and also label printing, making it fully compatible across all three of these diverse applications.
    Version 2.2 is now available, with a variety of even more userfriendly features.
    The software can now be used for a fixed yearly fee under a new subscription service. The plan offers an effective way to significantly reduce initial investment costs. The subscription plan only applies to PDFormstudio ES and PDFormstudio Encrypter.
  • TRANSACTION Simplified creation of variable data for diverse tools from invoices to pamphlets
  • pdform_img06en.jpg Easy to use typesetting functions NEW Typesetting can be performed easily using a very similar process to Microsoft Word. Variable character composition, variable tables and font attribute setting are all supported, as is the specification of cell colors and line widths required for the creation of materials such as invoices. These features provide a full range of design expression in all areas.
  • pdform_img07en.jpg Processing of multi-page PDFs NEW For materials with many pages, accessories such as barcodes can be placed on any desired page while additional pages can also be inserted. These features make it easy to customize documents such as manuals or reference books for specific individuals.
  • LABEL Easy creation of an extensive range of labels for any application
    pdform_img04en.jpg pdform_img05en.jpg
  • pdform_img08-2en.jpg High-speed creation of variable label data Once the template PDFs, variable images and other component data are created, the processing rules only need to be set in ES to rapidly complete the creation of PDF data. If output conditions are registered in advance using GS’s hot folder function, this process can be finished even more quickly and easily.