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Now is the time to digitally transform
your printing operations!

With so many companies now switching to remote working, this is an ideal time to transform your job submission, proofing
and inspection operations. These processes often create bottlenecks with their complex procedures and requirement for
in-person communication.
EQUIOS Online enables the creation of an Internet-based network that allows seamless interaction between
production, printing and client teams, helping to build an error- and loss-free workflow. The portal system supports highly
efficient remote submission and proofing as well as smooth management of work progress.
For printing companies, it also offers the added benefit of boosting the performance of core sales, production and
prepress functions.


Issues facing client companies

1. Greater workload for submission and proofing With the growing focus on remote work, there has been a rapid shift from in-person to online submission and proofing of materials. Meanwhile, telephone and e-mail must now be used to manage data submission capacities, check work progress, issue proofing instructions and coordinate other operations. These changes have complicated procedures and increased the occurrence of serious errors. Even steps such as outputting proofing sheets for catalogues and other high-volume jobs become major tasks when using home-use printers.

2. Increased burden of progress management Materials such as flyers for franchise operations or catalogues for national and international markets often have contents that must be localized for each region. Large teams are required to proof these documents, which places a major strain on supervisors as they work to manage progress and relay instructions to local coordinators. If they also have to resolve handwritten corrections, the task can become overwhelming, making it impossible to meet tight deadlines.

EQUIOS Online で解決

1. Highly efficient submission and proofing EQUIOS Online enables data submission and proofing using any device that supports an Internet-connected Web browser from any place at any time. This is a fully paperless workflow that eliminates the need for handwritten notes, helping to create a more comfortable and productive remote working environment.


2. Smooth proofing and progress management With an online network, even a large team working from widely separated locations can proof a document at the same time. This significantly reduces proofing times and makes it easier to coordinate feedback from team members. EQUIOS Online’s dashboard also displays the deadlines and overall progress for jobs in an easy to understand format. These features ensure projects move smoothly through each stage.

画面イメージ EQUIOS Online’s interface supports efficient progress
management of individual jobs

Issues facing production companies

1. Difficulty in understanding prepress corrections The details of instructions for prepress corrections are often difficult to understand when printing companies provide checkbacks by telephone or e-mail. Major bottlenecks can occur if these instructions are received by less knowledgeable or inexperienced staff.

2. Long waiting times for data checks Differences between the work systems of production and printing companies mean that if data is submitted in the evening, a checkback may not be received until the following day. This reduces efficiency and makes it difficult to balance the requirements of other processes. Faster turnaround times are needed to resolve this issue.

3. Delays in receiving proofing results Proofing instructions from clients are usually submitted via the printing company, creating a substantial time lag until the process is finished and corrections are received. Being able to check client comments more quickly would greatly speed up job completion times.

EQUIOS Online で解決

1. Online access to simplified prepress corrections EQUIOS Online features a unique interface that displays the details of errors and warnings identified in preflight using a clear visual format. With this approach, even designers who have limited prepress skills can make reliable corrections.

2. More efficient confirmation of submitted data Preflight processing is performed automatically when PDF data is submitted by the production company. As the suitability of the data for printing can be checked immediately after submission, there is no waiting time.


3. Timely confirmation of proofing results. Proofing results can be checked directly online, allowing an immediate start to correction work. Any differences between before and after the proofing and correction processes can also easily be confirmed using the inspection function, further boosting work efficiency.

画面イメージ Designers and clients can be notified of errors using a visual format

Issues facing printing companies

1. Difficulty in focusing on core business activities Materials are submitted via a range of sources, including FTP servers, mail attachments and data transfer services, making it difficult to coordinate the many different inputs. In addition, each client expects individual handling and feedback for their job. Responding to all these requests and confirmation requirements can prevent printing companies from focusing on their core sales and production activities.

2. Insufficient coordination between functional areas in-house Inadequate communication between personnel handling administrative, production and prepress work can lead to breakdowns between production and prepress after orders are received. This results in errors and lost time during job processing.

3. Continuous excessive working hours Conventional data submission and proofing work can only be performed in-house and personnel must return to a company’s offices to handle these processes after attending meetings and visiting clients. Despite an urgent need to reform work practices, little progress can be made in improving efficiency or remote working.

EQUIOS Online で解決

1. Smoother, faster workflows All processes from data submission to the issuing of request e-mails to coordinators and progress management work can be integrated into EQUIOS Online. Once it is set up, detailed logs are retained of all steps right through to those performed by the final approval team. This prevents issues such as instruction errors or use of earlier versions of materials, greatly reducing the burden placed on coordinators and production personnel. With EQUIOS Online, printing companies can focus on their core activities and provide clients with even higher added value.

2. Integrated management of core processes EQUIOS Online interfaces with EQUIOS to enable centralized management of production and prepress processes. It greatly increases the efficiency of preflight processing of PDFs and inspection checks during proofing and correction work. Data can also be directly output to CtP and POD systems following final approval.


3. Major advances in work processes The ability to submit and proof data online enables this work to be performed at home or while on the move. This dramatically improves flexibility and working hours when handling site-specific tasks that previously had to be performed at a company’s offices or production facilities. EQUIOS Online represents a major step forward in remote working capabilities. It also enables the state of proofing work to be tracked more easily, providing smoother handling of progress management.

画面イメージ Proofing can be performed on-screen
using a variety of approaches



EQUIOS Online File Porter is a dedicated submission portal designed for clients who wish to start the workflow as easily as possible by uploading a file. It enables the data to be uploaded in a variety of formats using a simple drag and drop operation. The centralized interface resolves many of the issues related to conventional approaches such as FTP servers, mail attachments and data transfer services. Confirmation e-mails can also be sent immediately after submission, further speeding up and simplifying the process for both clients and job coordinators. Flie Porter can be upgraded to EQUIOS Online.



Operating environment (server)

Recommended CPU Xeon QuadCore processor or higher
Recommended memory At least 8 GB
Recommended hard disk drive At least 100 GB of available space
Required platform Windows Server 2019 standard 64 bit or Windows Server 2016 standard 64 bit,
with all the latest Windows updates

Operating environment (client)

Supported platforms Windows: Windows 10
Macintosh: Mac OS Catalina
iPad: iPadOS 14 or higher
Recommended Web browsers Windows: Google Chrome
Macintosh: Safari

Operating environment (for connecting with EQUIOS)

EQUIOS EQUIOS PT-R / Rite / PPP Version 7.02 EQ211 or higher Or Version 8.00 EQ011 or higher
Can not be used in combination with EQUIOS Inspection.