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TRUST Network Service

Advanced IoT Solutions Maximize Performance
at Production Sites That Demand Optimal Effciency

Solving Client Problems Is Our Core Mission
The Internet of things (IoT) has quickly become a key factor in industry, triggering major advances in business innovation across a wide range of areas. It has underpinned the development of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector and self-driving vehicles in the automotive field. The IoT connects many different types of physical objects (things) to the Internet, allowing the accumulation of vast quantities of data, known as big data. It allows companies to gain an in-depth understanding of various aspects of the issues potentially affecting customers. However, it is important to interpret the gathered data so it holds value from a customer’s perspective and represents knowhow that can be used to solve relevant problems.
At SCREEN, we are proud of our achievements as a comprehensive manufacturer of graphic arts equipment.
We have more than 70 years of experience in solving the challenges facing the printing industry and have built a relationship of deep trust with our clients. Our goal is to integrate the practical expertise gained over many years of working at the forefront of graphic arts development with the dramatic opportunities for connectivity provided by the new IoT.
Harnessing the knowledge available from the big data generated by current equipment and services will enable us to bring new offerings to market. It is these products and services that will support the continuing success of our clients.


  • TRUST_img01_1.pngProtection of client equipment
    TRUST Guard
    Failure reporting functions
    Client systems are constantly monitored to detect stoppages and other critical issues, as well as the errors that predict them. This information is immediately reported to SCREEN support staff by e-mail.

    Condition monitoring
    Remote monitoring of systems improves decisions on when to replace parts based on actual operating conditions and enables the early detection of minor issues before they have any detrimental impact. This operating data is provided to clients in specially created analytical reports.
  • Remote assistance of clients
    TRUST Assist
    SCREEN staff are able to use a shared interface to remotely provide operators with an extensive range of support, including assistance with efficiency analysis, recovery processes and operational procedures. TRUST Assist has been carefully designed to improve system reliability and operability, without the installation of specialized tools.
  • Communication with clients
    TRUST Dialog
    All clients are provided with a dedicated Web page that allows them to access a wide variety of service information, as well as manuals and maintenance videos. The cloud-based dashboard enables clients to understand the operating status of their systems, including ink and paper consumption, job histories, performance time charts and a wealth of other information.


Major Report Items

- POD Inkjet
Operating information: ink usage, media usage, system uptime, job counts
Maintenance information: cleaning counts, details of consumables, error lists
Print job history: print results, print conditions

- CtP
Operating information: plate usage, system uptime, exposure counts
Maintenance information: punch counts, details of consumables
Plate usage history

- Workflow
Operating information: finished job counts, system uptime, plate counts for CtP output
Maintenance information: hardware resource details, application setting details
Job history: processing counts, processing times, standby times