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LabProof SE

Color Proofing System
Realistic proofs from an inkjet printer

LabProof SE uses measured color chart data and industry-standard ICC profiles to provide a highly reliable color proofing environment. It features a high-precision automated color adjustment function that performs color matching equivalent to that of an operator with advanced skills and experience. In addition, LabProof SE is convenient to use, since it can be controlled from a networked PC. LabProof SE makes it possible to create proofs that are remarkably similar to the targeted printed product in a wide variety of printing environments.


  • labimg01.png LabProof SE’s automated color adjustments eliminate the need for advanced skills. Automatic generation of color matching tables
    LabProof SE automatically creates optimized color matching tables using ICC profiles and scans of color charts output by the final output device.

    Automatic color adjustment
    During color adjustment, LabProof SE controls the printer and spectrophotometer through repeated output and measurement of color charts. LabProof SE optimizes color reproduction automatically and ensures that colors are as close as possible to the targeted printed product, which results in high-precision color matching.

    Numerical representation of color matching accuracy
    The level of color matching precision is displayed numerically as ΔE, so the operator can confirm the accuracy of the output from the printer at a glance.
  • labimg02.png Evaluation of color measurement results ensures high color proofing accuracy at all times [Option] LabProof Certify measures the color in proofs after output and determines whether the proof color meets the target color standards. Clients get assurance for each proof sheet, so they can be confident they are receiving consistently high-quality color proofs.
    ・Depending on the type of printer used, it's possible to set up the automated system so that colors are measured automatically by the spectrophotometer loaded on the printer during the process on printing, and the evaluation results are output onto the proof.
  • labimg03.png More realistic reproduction of spot colors Optimized reproduction of spot colors is now possible simply by selecting the appropriate swatches for DIC or Pantone colors. When printing spot colors, peripheral colors with higher or lower levels of red, blue, yellow or other colors can be output as variations. If a more suitable color is selected from among these variations, the accuracy of color matching can be further improved.


Supported printers (water-based inks)

EPSON SureColor P9500, P7500, P10000, P9000(*2), P7000(*2), P8000, P6000
Stylus Pro9890, 7890, 9900, 7900, WT7900, 10600UC, 9800, 7800, 9880, 7880, 9600, 7600
CANON Pro4100S(*1), Pro4000S, 4000(*1), 2000(*1), iPF8400S,6400S, 8400, 6400, 6450, 8300S, 6300S, 8300, 6350, 8100, 8000(*1), 8000S, 6000S, 6100(*1), W8400(*1), W6400(*1), GP-4000/2000(*1)

*1. Dot proof is not supported.
*2. Dot proof is not supported when using violet ink.



Spectrophotometers that can be connected to LabProof SE online

X-Rite i1io2, i1io3, i1iSis2
Konica Minolta MYIRO9



Recommended operating environment

OS Windows 10 (64 bit)
CPU Intel® Core™ i7 equivalent or higher
Memory 8 GB or more
HDD 160 GB or more
Other DVD drive