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Truepress JET 520HD mono

Next-generation monochrome inkjet press
optimized for offset coated papers

The Truepress JET 520 series of printing systems have enjoyed worldwide adoption by many printing companies.
Optimized for monochrome printing, the Truepress JET 520 mono high-speed, roll-fed inkjet press is now available for production.
The cutting-edge system features innovative technologies that transform black
only printing work.

Truepress JET 520HD mono


■Direct printing onto offset coated papers

      • 520mono-j_img01-2.png Independently developed inks The Truepress JET 520HD mono uses Truepress SC inks, water-based inks that can be output directly onto offset coated and uncoated papers. These inks support a wide variety of production types, ranging from overprinting on preprinted forms and transactional and direct mail to books and other types of black only printing.
        A chill roller (option) may be required depending on printing conditions.

■High productivity and quality

      • 520hd_mono Maximum speed of 150 m/min,  
        highest resolution of 1,200 dpi
        The Truepress JET 520HD mono delivers both exceptional throughput of up to 150 meters per minute and outstanding quality enabled by its 1,200 dpi high-resolution inkjet printheads. As well as sharp reproduction of type and barcodes, the system produces smoother gradations in any image. The Truepress JET 520HD mono can connect directly to postprocess devices, which expands automation and can lead to even greater gains in usability and productivity.
      • TPJ520HD_mono_03_E.png Exceptional productivity of roll-fed presses The Truepress JET 520HD mono is able to rapidly handle the overprinting and one pass processing required for data printing. It delivers around seven times the throughput of digital sheet-fed presses (120 A4 sheets per minute).
      • 520hd_mono Dryer with high heat conduction The Truepress JET 520HD mono dryer is a compact near-infrared (NIR) unit that features extremely efficient thermal conduction. The system provides the ability to handle a wide range of paper types.
      • 520hd_mono Quality control using built-in  high resolution scanning and  inspection solutions Presses equipped with multiple printheads often face issues related to density variations between the heads. JetInspection, built-in high resolution scanning and inspection solutions, automatically check and adjust these differences to ensure uniformity. JetInspection also integrates with the proprietary transfer system to boost performance while maintaining stability.

■Enhanced usability

      • 520hd_mono Tablet-based printer operation All operations along the entire workflow from job registration to final printing can be performed from a tablet device. This greatly simplifies operations such as preregistration of paper data and fine adjustments to settings.
        Even when an operator is in a different location, it is easy to issue commands and check conditions. This increases the onsite efficiency of staff and also maximizes the operating ratios of printing equipment.

■Compact design

      • TPJ520HD_mono_04.png Smallest installation footprint The Truepress JET 520HD mono features the smallest installation footprint of any press in the Truepress JET 520 series. The layout of the printhead module, transfer system and other internal components has been redesigned.
        The resulting highly compact configuration makes it possible to install the press in locations with limited space. The proprietary multi-axis structure of the transfer system also enables high-speed roll transport with total precision and reliability.


  • Transactional


    SCREEN high-speed roll-fed printing systems can make a major difference to the visual appeal of monthly financial statements, invoices, certificates and other documents. Their outstanding precision and quality also add significant value to customer communications.

  • Publishing


    SCREEN high-speed roll-fed printing systems make it possible to build a publishing and book printing business of unprecedented quality. Our inkjet systems provide variable support even for full color elements with differing text, greatly increasing throughput.


Printing system  Inkjet, Piezo single-pass DOD
Controller EQUIOS: PS, PDF, PDF/VT (standard)
Inks Truepress ink SC (BK), Tuepress ink SC+ (BK)
Resolution Max. 1,200 × 1,200 dpi
Printing speed Max. 150 m (492')/min. (with option)*1
Printing width 150 to 508 mm (6" to 20")
Media width 165 to 520 mm (6.5" to 20.4")
Media thickness 40 to 250 gsm (up to 157 gsm at a speed of 150 m/min.)*1
Operating environment Temperature: 18 to 24°C (64.4 to 75.2°F) (no sudden temperature changes)
Humidity: 40 to 60% (no condensation)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 1,780 × 2,140 × 2,045 mm (70.1" × 84.3" × 80.6")
(including touch panel and handle of 10 L ink supply unit)
Weight Approx. 1,800 kg (approx. 3,960 lb)
Drying system NIR dryer
Power Printer
Controller: Three phase 200 to 240 V, 30 A
Controller PC: Single phase 200 to 240 V, 20 A
NIR dryer: Three phase 400 to 480 V, 45 A  

*1. Calculated under SCREEN test conditions.