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Truepress PAC 830F

Water-based Inkjet System for Flexible Packaging
The New Era for Digital Printing for Flexible Packaging

Water-based inkjet system safer for people and the environment
Throughput of 4,500 m/h delivers exceptional time to market production for mixed and small quantity flexible packaging

Truepress PAC 830F



  • Maximise Press Capacity Efficiency
  • 100% Inkjet Digital Printing Engine
  • Reliable and Stable Process Performance
  • Profit Opportunity The Truepress PAC 830F digital press has been specifically designed to produce short printing runs in a cost-effective manner at 75m/min and the ability to print many jobs per day. This digital printing unit would enable converters to relieve their analogue printing equipment from the time-consuming task of producing small jobs and open a window of business opportunities for product innovation, value-added applications and take on new jobs that could not have been profitable in analogue printing. pac830_03_E.png