LIA Sputter Equipment VS-R400G/F


  1. Sputter equipment for testing, research, evaluation, and trial production.
  2. Using the assistive effect of LIA™-ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) for high speed, high accuracy, low damage deposition
  3. A rotary cathode enables high-speed deposition.
  4. Verification on this Laboratory Equipment can be easily fed back to production units.

R&D to mass production


 Model name
 Substrate type
Square substrate
(Glass, Metal, etc.)
Resin film (PET, PEN),
metal foil
 Target for deposition
ITO, ALUMINA, Chemical compaund, and other metal film
 Substrate size*
W400 x L500 mm
500 mm width
 Deposition method
Deposition down, in-line deposition

* Contact us for other substrate sizes.

* LIA is a registered trademark and/or a trademark of EMD Corporation.

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