Specially designed model for high resolution LTPS-TFTs


This high-spec model was developed on a base of our SK series, with its excellent track record of use for large-sized arrays. It offers the industry's highest level of uniformity in each process: coating, baking and developing, and contributes to the production of high-definition panels like LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon)-TFTs.


  1. High productivity suited to TFT mass-production. 
    Integrated system control throughout the line maximizes productivity and efficiency of movement between units.
  2. The coating module features Linearcoater™, a slit-type coating system.
  3. Completely automated coating nozzle maintenance enables continuous operations.
  4. The small footprint ensures effective use of limited production space.
  5. The evolution of the SK series has focused on the efficient use of resources.
    Conservation of resources supports environment friendly display production.

【Substrate size】
  730 x 920 mm (G4) or larger

* Linearcoater is a registered trademark and/or a trademark of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. 

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