LEMOTIA is a Coater/Dryer system specifically designed for advanced semiconductor packaging of FOPLP, glass core substrates and related panels, which are in high demand for 5G/post-5G, IoT infrastructure and data center applications. 
SCREEN has applied the technology and know-how of the SK series coater/developer. which has the world's top share for display manufacturing, to this system.


  1. Designed specifically for advanced semiconductor packages
    LEMOTIA is specially designed for advanced semiconductor packages, resulting in a 30% space saving and 10% power capacity reduction compared to our conventional products.
  2. Equipped with slit coater,LinearcoaterTM which is ideal for high-resolution processes.

  3. Suitable for coating a wide range of chemicals from low to high viscosity
    LEMOTIA is equipped with two types of slit nozzle maintenance systems depending on the viscosity of the chemical solution.
  4. Integrated system from coating to drying
    Streamlined inter-unit logistics for maximum productivity
  5. Applicable to coating warped panels
    All process units are equipped with warp correction jigs to achieve highly uniform coating.

Main applications

Glass core substrate, 2.1D, 2.3D, 2.xD, FOPLP(Fan-Out Panel Level Package), Organic interposer, RDL(Rewiring Layer), PID(isolation layer), Plating resist


 Model name
 Coating method
Slit coater(Die coater)
LinearcoaterTM ​​​​​​​
 Drying method
Vacuum dryer / Bake
 Control system
GEM300 (SEMI standards compliant)
 Coating chemical
Chemical solutions for FOPLP
Plating resist(PR), Photosensitive insulating film PID (PI, PBO, Phenolic), TBDB (Temporary adhesive)
Glass, mold, and various package glass substrates
 Panel size
600 (W) x 600 (L) mm or 510 (W) x 515 (L) mm

* Linearcoater is a registered trademark and/or a trademark of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

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