Univac's AR and AF coating systems IBAD

Univac's leading electron beam evaporation system, providing optimized formation of a wide variety of optical films.


  1. Formation of thin films at low temperatures
  2. In-house developed diffusion pump shortens exhaust time
  3. Stable deposition and excellent uniformity to ensure maximum output
  4. Simple, user-friendly operation
  5. Easy-to-maintain structure

Ion Beam Source(End-hall type)

  • Coating quality control
    An ion beam helps achieve improved adhesion and coating density.
    This system also keeps down absorption and diffusion, making it possible to control curvature and coating stress.
    An RF grid type featuring high ion energy is also available.

Electron Beam Source Module and Crucibles

  • High-efficiency heating
    Evaporation of materials with a high melting point such as tungsten (W), tantalum (Ta), molybdenum (Mo), oxides and so on is possible due to direct heating of the material.
  • Non-reactive crucible​​​​​​​
    This unit uses a water-cooled copper crucible allowing for evaporation of pure materials, since there is no reaction between the material and crucible from heated vapor deposition.
  • Reduced operating costs​​​​​​​
    A highly resilient tungsten filament is used as the source for the electron beam. This offers significantly lower operating costs compared with resistance heating.

Main applications

Functional films, surface treatment, surface modification

Coating performance (example)

 Number of layers
 Reflectivity (AR)
≤ 1.0%  
 Contact angle (AF)
≥ 110°  
 Substrate size
250 x 170 mm  
 Processing count per batch
45 pcs.  
 Takt time
80 min.  

IBAD Series

Size : Φ900xH1080
Size : Φ1050xH1280
Size : Φ1200xH1080
Size : Φ1350xH1400
Size : Φ1500xH1500
Size : Φ1650xH1850
Size : Φ2700xH1750
Size : Φ2000xH1750

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