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Product Overview (EQUIOS Online)

Remote Desktop System
Extends the printer's production environment to the customer's desktop

Are you looking for ways to improve your relationship with your customers?
Are you always on a tight deadline?
Wouldn't it be nice if you could bring your customers' files into prepress and obtain their approval quickly so you could get the plates to press?
If the answer is yes, Screen has the solution for you!
With the challenges of meeting deadlines every day and staying competitive,
print providers must be effi cient and automate every stage of production as much as possible.
EQUIOS Online is an easy-to-use, online job submission, remote proofing and approval solution for Trueflow SE.
EQUIOS Online automates the overall production cycle, shortens the time from prepress to press and improves customer satisfaction.
Leveraging the power of the Internet, you are virtually open for business 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

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