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EQUIOS Online Ver.4


Product Overview (EQUIOS Online Ver.4)

Web Portal System
Extends the printer's production environment to the customer's desktop

EQUIOS Online is an Internet-based communication tool that seamlessly connects the customer, designer (DTP operator) and prepress processes. Revision instructions and progress updates can be shared online by all parties, allowing the creation of a highly efficient, error- and loss-free workflow.
Linking with EQUIOS as its front-end software, EQUIOS Online helps to optimize the entire production process. It also supports the provision of new value added services for discerning clients.

Remote terminal for EQUIOS

New job creation functions
New jobs can easily be created and registered from EQUIOS Online, without using EQUIOS itself. This helps to create a flexible workflow even in environments where process management and prepress operations are separated.

Page addition/deletion functions
EQUIOS Online allows instructions to be issued, making it possible to increase or decrease pages and insert pages of different sizes.

Support for restored jobs
Restored job data can also be displayed in EQUIOS Online as the initial proof for a new job. This greatly simplifies the flow of operations when reproducing plates or replacing individual sections.

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