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EQUIOS Version 3:
Advanced workflow solution platform

EQUIOS is a universal workflow system that draws on SCREEN’s extensive prepress and printing knowledge to maximize the performance of our cutting-edge inkjet technology. EQUIOS offers high-speed processing using Adobe’s PDF Print Engine 4 and Mercury RIP Architecture, a newly developed color management system that links to paper information, and user-friendly imposition functions that integrate SCREEN’s full prepress knowhow. These features have been developed based on SCREEN’s wealth of experience and encompass the full range of our professional knowledge. Together they help to provide an outstanding work environment regardless of the operator’s own skill level.

Ultra-fast RIP’ing of high-volume data

520HD_adobe.jpgFor roll-fed printing, the rendering speed of output data is an important factor that affects the operating ratio of the printing system in various ways. EQUIOS’s smart variable data processing function minimizes the load placed on RIP processing by rendering the requirements for shared sections on each page once and then caching them for reuse. Even with high-volume variable data and high-resolution images, print quality can be maintained without any loss of productivity.

The Mercury RIP Architecture is a scalability framework and distributed multi-tier cache technology developed by Abode for its PDF Print Engine. Mercury enables enhanced, high-performance rendering and is essential for digital presses as well as variable printing.

Proprietary high-definition screening

The Truepress Jet520NX utilizes SCREEN’s proprietary screening technology, enabling optimal display of gradations in images from highlights and shadows through to middletones. This system also minimizes moire and broken lines to produce high-definition output.

Automatic selection of optimum color profile

The EQUIOS color management system allows input data from RGB, CMYK and various other color spaces to be easily matched to color standards such as JapanColor. It then automatically selects the appropriate ICC profile according to the paper type and output device. Thanks to EQUIOS, specialized skills are not required to achieve professional results.

Spot color editor (ICC profile editing function)


This editor allows spot colors to be selected from a spot color list and printed as a patch before adjustment. Once a chart has been printed, the desired approximate color can be selected on the monitor, synchronized with the chart and registered as a spot color (proxy color) profile. This data is automatically selected in subsequent jobs and any spot colors included in input data can be
processed as the registered colors.

Continuous optimization of ink usage volumes

The Truepress Jet520NX is also equipped with SCREEN’s independently developed ink amount control function, which combines advanced color management and head control technologies. This function reduces surplus ink that can delay drying and cause peeling and transfer of ink. It also significantly improves the reproduction of shadow areas, a process that was often difficult with previous inkjet printers.

Optimized imposition using preloaded templates


To enable efficient postpress of applications such as invoices or direct mail printed on roll paper, it is essential to perform the appropriate type of imposition for each situation. EQUIOS is preloaded with a variety of standard imposition templates specifically for processing of roll paper. These templates greatly simplify the handling of any job. EQUIOS also makes it easy to set the control marks and barcodes required for postpress during digital printing. These features eliminate many of the challenges of creating imposition layouts.

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