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IGAS2018 Event Report

August 03, 2018

IGAS2018 ended with great success.
IGAS show was held from 26th to 31st July 2018 in Tokyo Big Sight.
SCREEN participated in the show with the stlapline "Digital Everywhere!" to reflect the growing power of digital printing.

Truepress Jet520HD

IGAS_520hd.pngThe Truepress Jet520HD high-speed inkjet press was on display along with its dedicated Truepress SC inks.
Their excellence has led to them receiving twin prizes from major printing technology associations both in the US and Japan.

IGAS_520hd-2.pngVisitors were impressed by successful case studies from all around the world and a variety of printed samples utilizing its ability of direct printing on offset coated stocks at exceptional high quality.


Truepress Jet520NX

IGAS_520nx.pngSCREEN GA also exhibited the Truepress Jet520NX, next generation standard inkjet press for full-color transactional printing.
In IGAS2018 show, SCREEN exhibited the press with invisible ink using extra inkjet head.
At SCREEN stand, SCREEN offered more application examples other than transactional printing, such as graphic-rich directmails, security printing and one-to-one eduacational books.

Truepress Jet L350UV+LM / CARTES GE361L

IGAS_L350.pngThe Truepress Jet L350UV+LM will make its Asian regional debut at IGAS 2018.
The high-end model enables a significantly expanded range of applications including food packaging labels and shrink-wrap labels for beverages.
It is also compatible with SCREEN's low migration inks featuring reduced odor and is equipped with a nitrogen purge mechanism that promotes UV curing.

IGAS_L350-2.pngA laser die cutting machine from Cartes will also be on display as a postprocessing solution.
Technologies newly developed by Cartes are highly effective for overcoming the issue of white edges generated during die cutting.
A variety of printed samples are demonstrated and showcased, utilizing the optimal combination of the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM and CARTES GE361L.


IGAS_equios.pngEQUIOS is the core of the printing solution including both inkjet press and the latest CTPs and offset press.
In IGAS, SCREEN GA demonstrated new version of its original web portal system, EQUIOS Online.


Wideformat UVIJ: Truepress Jet W3200UVII series

IGAS_3200.pngThe Truepress Jet W3200UVII delivers previously unseen performance when handling diverse, large-lot jobs requiring a quick turnaround.
At IGAS Screen stand, SCREEN showcased successful case studies and a variety of attractive samples supplied by industry leading users.

Displayed samples are supplied by:

TRUST Network Service

IGAS_TRUST.pngTRUST Network Service is advanced IoT solutions to minimize downtime, improve productivity and increase sales.
This service comes with our compliments on every SCREEN machine.
TRUST combines real-time assistance, remote diagnosis and user maintenance support to optimize individual equipment operations and workflows.

Information contained in the news release are current on the date of publication, but may be subject to change without notice.