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SCREEN Develops Truepress Jet520NX High-speed Roll-fed Inkjet Press - To Drive Growth of Digital Printing Business with Newly-developed Printhead -

May 30, 2016

Kyoto, Japan - May 30, 2016 - SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GP) has finalized development of the Truepress Jet520NX high-speed roll-fed inkjet press. The new model incorporates many of the advanced image processing and inkjet technologies accumulated by SCREEN over its many years in the printing industry.

The Truepress Jet520NX will make its debut at drupa 2016 (Dusseldorf, Germany, May 31 to June 10). It is currently scheduled for market release in February 2017.


Truepress Jet520NX 
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In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for diversified, small volume printing capabilities that closely target the varied attributes of individual consumers. This has been accompanied by a similarly rapid rise in the requirements for direct mail, transactional and other types of roll-fed printing. The global market for roll-fed printing is showing consistent annual growth and it is estimated that by 2020 it will have grown by 40 percent1 compared to 2010.

As a result, printing companies have been working to improve quality and productivity and create unique new value-added services. This has, in turn, given rise to increasing requirements and expectations for highly expandable printing equipment that can meet these needs.

SCREEN GP's new Truepress Jet520NX inherits many of the proven features of the successful high speed roll-fed inkjet press, which has already manufactured and shipped a combined total of more than 1,000 units. The Truepress Jet520NX is equipped with newly developed 5 inch printhead module and supports a maximum resolution of 600 by 1,200 dpi plus advanced ink amount control. These features deliver significantly-enhanced color reproduction compared to existing model.

In addition to the standard printheads for four ink colors, the Truepress Jet520NX can be fitted with an extra printhead for a "fifth color" that enables the use of MICR black ink, invisible UV fluorescent ink, and other special inks. These combined technologies support the creation of product manuals, direct mail and invoices based on customer databases as well as printing that incorporates various effects intended to prevent counterfeiting.

SCREEN GP has specifically designed the Truepress Jet520NX to facilitate smooth replacement of existing Truepress Jet520. It expects the new system to become a key element in printing companies' ongoing efforts to realize the potential of new printed products and solutions.

Since SCREEN GP originally launched the Truepress Jet520 series in 2006, its reliable print quality and outstanding speed have helped it to build an impressive reputation in the printing industry. The launch of the Truepress Jet520NX in 2017 is intended to further improve on these achievements. SCREEN GP remains committed to developing solutions that will create new businesses and contribute to the growth of the printing industry.


1. In 2010, printed materials with roll-fed paper valued at approximately 123 million dollars were delivered.
  This total is expected to increase to around 170 million dollars by 2020. Source: Smithers Pira.


SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd.

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