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SCREEN expands new IoT and cloud-based service system: TRUST Service Desk

May 25, 2016

Kyoto, Japan - May 25, 2016 - SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GP) is in the process of completely revamping its management system for after-sales service as part of efforts to further improve customer satisfaction. At the heart of this new approach is TRUST Service Desk, a contact center that utilizes the latest 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and cloud-based technologies. All components work synergistically to more effectively prevent problems before they occur and maximize the operating ratio of customer equipment.

SCREEN GP has already successfully launched the service in North America. It now plans to sequentially expand the regions in which the system is available, starting with Europe followed by Australia and Asia, and then Japan.

The aftermarket field has traditionally focused on providing maintenance type services. In recent years, however, the use of IoT technology to monitor the operating status of equipment in real time has been attracting increasing attention. SCREEN GP's TRUST Service Desk combines IoT and cloud-based technologies, enabling the integrated management of information such as the logs obtained from equipment and service history records of individual customers. This system allows the rapid provision of optimized services that are tailored for each customer. TRUST Service Desk is managed using an infrastructure that incorporates global standard ICT technology. The latest ICT technology is also used to combine log analysis results from TRUST Network Service (IoT) and service history records from ServiceMax (cloud database), enabling the rapid provision of optimized solutions to address issues. This predictive type system achieves equipment operating ratios* exceeding 83 to 88 percent in relation to SCREEN products for the PCB manufacturing and graphic arts industries.

1.Team support
Like other systems, TRUST Service Desk enables the engineers based at its contact center to provide service directly to customers via telephone or network. However, with TRUST Service Desk, field engineers and head office product experts can share precise cloud-based updates in real time, effectively providing customers with support by the SCREEN GP Group's full worldwide service team. Even in regions where it does not operate bases, SCREEN GP shares an integrated IT platform with certified partners. This allows it to deliver consistently top level support with no differences in quality between individual regions.

SCREEN global team support
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2.Integrated IT platform
TRUST Network Service: SCREEN GP's unique predictive service program based on IoT technology - Operation logs, error information, usage of consumables and sensor measurement values for items such as temperatures are all collected from customer equipment and processed using SCREEN GP's original analysis engine to predict potential issues. If a problem does occur, an alert is also automatically sent to the contact center. This allows SCREEN GP engineers to address the situation as quickly and precisely as possible.

ServiceMax: Multi-language database that enables cloud-based sharing by service engineers of information such as service histories, customer communication records, work status updates and individual product knowledge collected and archived from SCREEN equipment installed around the world. ServiceMax links with the TRUST Network Service to allow the association of information obtained from equipment with unique customer details. As well as increasing the accuracy of predictive analysis, this information greatly enhances the provision of solution services to customers by supporting improved service call scheduling, parts replacement and efficiency measurement. Thanks to its centralized, cloud-based management, ServiceMax also dramatically reduces the time and effort required to report issues to more senior personnel and promotes the use of mobile devices on site. In short, ServiceMax is a key element in the creation of a full team service system that combines the expertise of field service and contact center engineers and head office product experts.

SCREEN GP has adopted ServiceMax, provided by the ServiceMax company, to meet its goals based on the two organizations' shared vision for service delivery.

Integrated IT platform
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■ Comments by ServiceMax CEO Dave Yarnold
"ServiceMax delivers real business value. Our customers see improved productivity and higher service revenue thanks to our industry-leading end-to-end solution. That's why we're excited to see SCREEN GP using ServiceMax in TRUST Service Desk. Our solution provides the industry's best service infrastructure, allowing SCREEN GP to deliver the highest level of customer service. We are excited to help SCREEN move to a new field service business model in the future."

3.Future availability
TRUST Service Desk is managed using standard ICT technology and is designed to reliably integrate a variety of other technologies that are evolving on an almost daily basis. SCREEN GP is also preparing to incorporate wearable devices as a new service provision method. The application of this technology shows great potential within the maintenance service field.

With wearable devices, SCREEN GP plans to use a unique technology that enables the masking of images not required for maintenance. This will enhance the sharing of images at service sites while maintaining information security, which has become a key issue when using standard wearable devices.

SCREEN GP hopes the provision of this new service for equipment maintenance will make a significant contribution to the improvement of its customers' productivity. It also remains committed to promoting the long-term growth and expansion of the overall graphic arts industry.

TRUST Service Desk will be on display at drupa 2016, the world's largest comprehensive exhibition of graphic arts equipment, to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 31 to June 10. It will also be available for inspection at JPCA Show 2016, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan from June 1 to 3.

* Based on analysis provided by TRUST Guard Report


SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd.

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