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SCREEN Develops Advanced 24 Page CtP Systems Featuring Industry-leading Productivity

February 15, 2019

Kyoto, Japan – February 15, 2019 – SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) has finalized development of its PlateRite Ultima 24000N series of thermal plate recorders designed for plates including up to 24 A4 pages. The series features the latest GLVTM imaging heads and delivers high throughput of up to 35 plates1 per hour with an outstanding cost performance. SCREEN GA plans to release the new systems to the international market in March.


PlateRite Ultima 24000N series
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In recent years, as printing companies seek to improve the production efficiency of printed materials, the international market has shown a growing requirement for the use of large-format presses capable of easily handling multiple jobs in a single run. The need has affected both sheet-fed and web offset presses. In response to this trend, SCREEN GA has adapted and optimized the plate sizes supported by its PlateRite Ultima 24000 series to suit these presses. These efforts have now led to the development of the PlateRite Ultima 24000N series. Its two new systems offer significantly more compact dimensions than the existing models with even greater productivity and cost performance.

The PlateRite Ultima 24000N series incorporates the latest GLVTM imaging heads with an upgraded optical system. These heads support the output of SCREEN GA’s proprietary Spekta 2 hybrid screening,2 enabling richer, highresolution expression of printing themes. The series’ Z model is equipped with 1,024 channel head that boosts output to 35 plates per hour, up from the 27 plates possible with the current system.3 The 512 channel S model also improves throughput to 24 plates per hour, from the 22 plates offered by its equivalent system.4 Both models are able to handle plates from 650 x 490 mm (25.6" x 19.3") up to 1,652 x 1,325 mm (65" x 52.1"), comprehensively covering the sizes used by large-format presses.

In addition, the new series can be used with SCREEN GA’s MA-L40000 multi-cassette autoloader, capable of automatically supplying up to 300 plates,5 to achieve extended continuous operation. SCREEN GA also plans to develop a new model of its Skid autoloader, which is able to deliver a large number of uniformly sized plates.

The whole system can likewise be linked to TRUST Network Service, the company’s sophisticated online maintenance support service, helping to ensure trouble-free operation.

SCREEN GA will continue to use its position as a leading international supplier of CtP systems to meet the constantly evolving needs of printing companies. It remains fully committed to the long term growth of the industry.

1. When 1,652 x 1,325 mm plates are used on the PlateRite Ultima 24000N-Z model
2. When compatible plates are selected
3. PlateRite Ultima 24000SX model
4. PlateRite Ultima 24000S model
5. When 0.3 mm thick plates are used

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd.

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