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SCREEN GA Signs Global Distribution Partnership Agreement with Monotype - Hiragino Fonts Will Be Available through -

November 28, 2018

Kyoto, Japan - November 28, 2018 - SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) today announced that it has signed a global distribution agreement with Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. to make its Hiragino fonts available to creative professionals everywhere. Starting from the beginning of December, Hiragino fonts will be newly available as part of the Japanese/Chinese font portfolio of MyFonts®, operated by Monotype, and will be distributed around the world.

gan181128_img01.png Hiragino banners from MyFonts Website
Please download the photos from

In the global market, there are many cases in which product packaging and manuals display multiple languages. In such situations, the selection of fonts becomes an important factor that can have a major impact on the overall design. Particularly in the design industry, Hiragino fonts have established a strong reputation for their readability and beauty and are now used in a large variety of different applications. However, Hiragino fonts have not been widely available for purchase outside Japan. This has led to a growing requirement for international distribution among the many creative professionals who are seeking higher quality Japanese fonts.

In response to this clear need, SCREEN GA has partnered with Monotype to make Hiragino fonts available to designers worldwide. Monotype empowers creative minds to build and express authentic brands through design, technology and expertise. MyFonts by Monotype is an online marketplace that offers creatives more than 130,000 professional fonts.

MyFonts will make Hiragino fonts available for purchase in every country and region starting from the beginning of December. The typeface can be licensed in individual font weights according to end user needs, enabling them to begin using it immediately.

SCREEN GA intends to use this partnership as an opportunity to accelerate its international distribution of Hiragino fonts. The company also intends to improve its service to meet growing global user demand, taking advantage of its long-term experience in developing high-quality typefaces.

Available fonts (handled from December 2018)

• Hiragino Serif (Mincho) W3, W6
• Hiragino Sans (Kaku Gothic) W0, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9
• Hiragino Sans Rounded (Maru Gothic) W4
• Hiragino Sans Simplified Chinese (GB) W3, W6
• Hiragino Sans Traditional Chinese (TC) W3, W6

Comments by Tsuneo Baba, President of SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd.
As a leading font developer, we are extremely proud of our new partnership with Monotype. Over its long and committed history, the company has made a great contribution to the development of typeface design and culture of typography. While Hiragino fonts have been mainly provided through Japanese domestic sales channels, we have received a growing number of inquiries from outside Japan in recent years. Our new collaboration with Monotype will enable us to meet this increasing demand from overseas customers.

Comments by Mike Matteo, Vice President, Global Alliances and Partnerships, Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.
We are honored to be partnering with SCREEN GA to bring its Hiragino fonts to the global community of brands and designers that require consistency and legibility across languages. This agreement puts Hiragino fonts at the fingertips of designers through one of the most widely used and trusted type marketplaces in the world, enabling a new audience to access and create with one of the most effective and popular Japanese typefaces.

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd.

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