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SCREEN Opens Digital Printing Communications Center in Shanghai

October 29, 2018

Kyoto, Japan - October 29, 2018 - SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) opened its new solution demonstration facility, Shanghai Digital Printing Demo Center, in China on October 25. The facility will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to see a wide range of cutting-edge inkjet printer-based solutions in operation.


Shanghai Digital Printing Demo Center
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In recent years, the Chinese printing market has experienced a rapid diversification of consumer preferences and this has driven demand for printing solutions that can handle mixed and small lot jobs on tight schedules. The printing industry has also had to respond to a variety of other challenges, including the development of smart factories that can provide improved process automation and streamlining as wages continue to rise. Environmental protection measures promoted by the government have likewise become a key issue. These changes have led to a growing need for new solutions that effectively utilize digital printing systems, which offer the potential to resolve each of these issues.

SCREEN GA has accumulated a great depth of expertise and knowledge over its long history, including a wealth of experience drawn from its many years of providing a wide range of inkjet-based solutions to the Chinese market. Well aware of current conditions, the company has capitalized on its knowhow to open Shanghai Digital Printing Demo Center. The facility has been created to provide visitors with a first-hand opportunity to inspect digital printing solutions that are specifically designed to meet Chinese industry requirements.

Products on display at the center include the Truepress Jet520HD, a high-speed roll-fed system that utilizes SCREEN GA's proprietary SC inks. These inks have been specially developed for compatibility with the company's technologies and enable high-quality printing directly onto offset coated paper. Also on display is the Truepress Jet L350UV+. This system offers industry-leading speed, quality and productivity for inkjet printing in the label market.

Along with live demonstrations of these presses, the center provides assessments of the papers and substrates most often used in China, details of collaborative networks established with industry partners and introductions to solutions designed for individual market areas. SCREEN GA will also continue to provide additional information and updates on activities geared toward resolving the issues currently facing the Chinese printing industry.

SCREEN GA held an open house on October 25 to mark the launch of the center, attracting representatives from main local media outlets. The event provided an opportunity to explain the company's future goals, including its planned initiatives and showroom strategy for China and the wider Asian market.

SCREEN GA is currently scheduled to open its new solution demonstration facility, Hangzhou CTP Demo Center, in November. The facility will be located inside its Hangzhou production base for CtP systems, and exhibits will include the company's flagship PlateRite HD 8900N, newly released PlateRite 8600NII and entry level PlateRite 8600MII models. Visitors will be able to gain first-hand experience of CtP solutions that currently hold the number one share in the global market.

SCREEN GA plans to use the newly opened Shanghai Digital Printing Demo Center as a focal point for further expanding its market share in China. The facility will also help the company to better meet the diverse needs of the Chinese and global printing industries and contribute to their future expansion.

Details of new Shanghai Digital Printing Demo Center
Name: Shanghai Digital Printing Demo Center
Location: Room 1006A, Building 1, Honghuishijie BOX, 40 Wenshui Road, Shanghai, China
Total floor area: Approx. 621 square meters
Opening date: October 25, 2018

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd.


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