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SCREEN Showcases Full Range of Solutions Featuring EQUIOS Solution Platform at drupa 2016

April 21, 2016

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GP, President Tsuneo Baba) has announced further details of its participation at drupa 2016, the world's largest comprehensive exhibition of graphic arts equipment (stand C11, hall 8a, May 31 to June 10, Dusseldorf, Germany). SCREEN GP will use its stand to present a full range of cutting-edge solutions featuring its advanced EQUIOS solution platform and a wide variety of other new products.


Highlights of SCREEN GP stand

With consumer preferences continuing to diversify, the era of Industry 4.0 has arrived, spurred on by the growth of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and marketing automation. These rapid changes have created a host of new printing needs, driving the evolution of EQUIOS universal workflow as an overall solution platform for SCREEN GP products. EQUIOS combines SCREEN GP's wide-ranging expertise and experience and fully embodies its concept for drupa 2016: Achieve the Extraordinary in Print.
At the core of this solution platform are EQUIOS ART and EQUIOS UX, which deliver outstanding quality and operability, respectively. In essence, EQUIOS integrates a number of technologies developed under the SCREEN GP i3 (integrated imaging for innovation) concept and functions as a command center to control these components and other SCREEN GP CtP and inkjet devices. This effectively creates a production environment that supports high-quality printing applications with minimal operator input.
At drupa 2016, SCREEN GP will present EQUIOS with a large number of other products to showcase its full lineup of solutions. Attendees are invited to visit the SCREEN GP stand to experience firsthand the technologies that are helping to bring about the new era of Industry 4.0.



Main products exhibited

■ EQUIOS solution platform
EQUIOS functions as an overall solution platform for SCREEN GP products, enabling the control of a wide range of devices. EQUIOS ART is the name of a suite of technologies that help to ensure optimal quality standards across different SCREEN GP graphic arts products. These technologies include SCREEN GP's proprietary RIP, image processing and color management systems, which combine to produce images of consistently high quality on diverse printed materials.
EQUIOS UX likewise provides a broad range of functionality across the entire production process from Web2Print input to printing and finally postpress. This includes support for user-friendly operation tailored to individual applications, automation of various repeated tasks and maintenance of links with a wider production system based on rapidly emerging IoT technology. Working synergistically, these technologies help to create a highly stable printing environment that delivers outstanding quality and productivity, with minimal operator skill requirements.
At drupa 2016, SCREEN GP will introduce an extended lineup of EQUIOS-based systems, including a Web submission system, small lot book solution linked to postpress devices and security label solution utilizing encryption technologies. It will also present a comprehensive solution for one to one direct mail creation that works in combination with marketing automation systems.

160421_img_03.jpg ■ Truepress Jet520 series
Visitors to the SCREEN GP stand will be able to inspect the latest version of the Truepress Jet520HD, developed specifically for commercial printing. The new system extends the current maximum print speed from 120 to 150* meters (393.6' to 492') per minute and also delivers an equally impressive 25 percent improvement in productivity. In addition, to meet a wider variety of printing requirements, it doubles the current supported page length for a job to a maximum of 1,371.6 millimeters (54").
The onsite presentation of the Truepress Jet520HD will show it working with EQUIOS as a solution platform for digital marketing applications. In this case, attendees will be able to see the throughput and quality possible when this setup is used as a solution for the creation of variable product catalogs. In a separate demonstration, SCREEN GP will also introduce a book production solution that links the Truepress Jet520HD to a perfect binding line using different page sizes and counts.
* Option

■ Truepress Jet L350UV
As Web-based purchasing of products continues to gain in popularity, brand owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the prevention of counterfeiting and maintenance of supply chain traceability. With this in mind, SCREEN GP plans to introduce a security label and traceability solution that combines EQUIOS and the Truepress Jet L350UV at drupa.
This solution also incorporates an MIS to significantly enhance automation from Web-based order placement right through to the creation of print data for label production. The presentation will feature SCREEN GP's latest spot color conversion engine (provisional exhibit), which will be added to EQUIOS ART in the near future. This new function further improves quality by enabling the output of finer gradations for spot colors, ensuring more faithful reproduction of even subtle tonings.

160421_img_04.jpg ■ Truepress Jet W3200UVII
The Truepress Jet W3200UVII is the latest addition to SCREEN GP's lineup of wide format systems and offers print speeds of up to 184 square meters (1,980 square feet) per hour (in billboard mode). The model integrates state of the art technologies from both SCREEN GP and Inca digital to deliver industry-leading throughput that further enhances productivity.
The Truepress Jet W3200UVII also features a continuous printing function developed to enable high-speed processing of large volume jobs while maintaining uniformly excellent quality. Even with high volume work of varying types, this function allows nonstop printing to meet the tightest deadlines. It supports both flat and roll media to satisfy the needs of a wider range of users and answer market requirements for ever greater productivity.

■ TRUST Network Service
TRUST Network Service utilizes IoT technology to maximize the uptime of SCREEN GP products. TRUST now also supports EQUIOS and EQUIOS online, enabling a precise understanding of the operational status of any installed SCREEN GP products from both a device and workflow perspective. This expanded format represents the fastest and most advanced version of the service offered so far.
The predictive detection enabled by TRUST allows SCREEN GP's specialist personnel to keep clients informed of any potential problems with their system using a truly interactive approach. If field service does become necessary, SCREEN GP engineers are able to decide the most suitable course of action and make appropriate preparations based on their in-depth understanding of the situation. This ensures downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum.
The SCREEN GP stand will include a dedicated area where attendees can receive updates on the latest support functions available.


Expanded operations in various fields

SCREEN will also use drupa 2016 to introduce sample materials and presentations detailing its efforts to expand into various business areas beyond the printing industry under the SCREEN GP i3 concept.

■ Life sciences
SCREEN is already well represented in the medical field thanks to its development of a high-speed 3D cell scanner that incorporates existing image processing technologies. The scanner is able to rapidly measure and analyze the multiplication and morphological changes of cells without the use of an inspection reagent. It is expected to make a significant contribution to research into the discovery of new cancer drugs and advances in regenerative medicine.

■ Printed electronics
The printed electronics field merges electronics technologies with advanced printing processes that allow ultrafine imaging. This level of detail was extremely challenging with previous methods and the resulting processes enable the printing of electronic patterns directly onto substrates to create circuits. Expectations are high for the development of new applications such as electronic paper and high-definition touch panels as well as microsensors.

■ Forged part inspection
Image inspection technologies can also be applied at a wide variety of product manufacturing sites, such as auto part factories. SCREEN has already successfully commercialized a number of inspection and measurement devices that play critical roles in quality control systems. Its stand at drupa will include solutions developed for the external inspection of in-vehicle components. These components are particularly difficult to assess using quantitative methods and inspections previously relied on basic visual checks.


QR_e.jpg Dedicated website launched
SCREEN GP has launched a dedicated website for drupa 2016. The site is updated regularly with new content, including video interviews with users and detailed information on products to be exhibited at the event. Attendees are invited to visit the site for the full story on SCREEN GP's participation at drupa 2016.


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