SCREEN Begins Worldwide Distribution of IPDS Controller Giving Transactional Printers Access to Flexible and Secure Data Printing Solution

February 05, 2019

SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) announces today the worldwide commercial launch of a fully-integrated native IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) controller co-developed with cross-media marketing specialist TagG Informatique. Thus, enabling compatibility with the latest IS/3 and MO standard: DCA GA (Graphic Arts) accredited by the AFP consortium, for use with its range of high-speed, continuous feed printers in the Truepress Jet520 series.


Recognizing that an IPDS interface is essential for printers needing to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data, SCREEN GA partnered with TagG and its subsidiary, R&D Tech Research, because of the company’s excellent track record of integrating IPDS controllers with various endors’ printers.
As a cross-media marketing company, TagG has an annual production of over 300 million printed A4 pages per year and 50 million folds posted per year. The company is a pioneer of VDP in France and through the development of new software and adaptation of new technologies, its R&D department revolutionizes personalization and offers new perspectives to creative and marketing departments. TagG has been using the Truepress Jet520HD with IPDS controller at its production site in Entrelacs, Savoie.
With the introduction of IPDS, transactional and security printers have more freedom to use SCREEN GA’s Truepress Jet520 series, with confidence that data is transient and secure, while closed-loop technology ensures 100 percent delivery.
This includes the highly productive flagship Truepress Jet520HD+ press, offering exceptional offset quality for commercial printing and supporting a wide range of paper stocks including standard offset coated papers, without the need for pre-treatment. The IPDS controller can also feed the Truepress Jet520NX press, supporting not only transactional printing, but also direct mail, transpromo and book printing, which allows customers to extend their markets.
Both presses will be showcased at HID 2019 in Lucerne, Switzerland from February 25 to 28.

■ Comments by Hervé Lesseur,
    founder of TagG Informatique

We enjoy our close relationship with SCREEN and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate on this project. SCREEN has a fantastic reputation in the market for reliability and productivity. With the addition of the TagG IPDS controller, we’re delighted that more printers will have access to that across the globe.

■ Comments by Seiichi Nakao,
    SCREEN Corporate Officer and Head of the Continuous HSI Printer Business Division of
    SCREEN Graphic Solutions

TagG’s expertise in this area combined with the strength of our relationship made them the obvious partner, and we’re delighted with the outcome of this joint venture.
TagG has developed an efficient solution that is extremely reliable.

■ Comments by Takao Matsuda,
    Leader of DFE/Development for High-speed Continuous Inkjet Printers at SCREEN Graphic Solutions

The front-end environment we are delivering is not only suitable for IPDS workflows. EQUIOS workflows based on Adobe PDF Print Engine can also be used on the same platform. This provides access to functionality such as advanced color management, automated pre-flighting and PDF fixing for jobs that don’t require the security of IPDS. We are seeing more printers that typically use IPDS getting more PDF work, so this flexibility is a huge plus point for printers who want to serve different markets or run different kinds of jobs on the same press.

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