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Kyoto, Japan – June 25, 2024 – SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN FT) has finalized development of two new coater/developer systems designed for processing the substrates used in OLED panels. The SK-B1500G and SK-B2200G are respectively configured for 6th and 8th generation substrates. SCREEN FT plans to launch both models as part of its existing E series lineup of production systems for OLED panels.

SK-B series

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Thanks to the lightness, thinness and flexibility they offer, OLED panels are seeing increasing use in applications such as foldable smart devices and in-vehicle systems. The market is expected to enjoy consistent growth over the long term. The manufacturing process for OLED backplanes is also undergoing a change as anti-reflective film is gradually replaced with COE1 to extend service life and reduce power use. While transparent PDL2 has conventionally been used as the bank material,3 the industry is increasingly shifting to black PDL (BPDL) and its superior anti-reflective properties.

Responding to this transition in backplane production, SCREEN FT has developed two new coater/developer systems specifically for use in the BPDL formation process. They are the SK-B1500G and SK-B2200G, respectively designed to handle 6th and 8th generation substrates. The systems will join SCREEN FT’s existing E series group of production systems for OLED panels, significantly enhancing the capabilities of the lineup.

The E series has been carefully developed to address issues that decrease yield rates during OLED panel manufacturing, including organic contamination, minute particles and static electricity generation. These features enable E series systems to deliver industry-leading productivity and have seen them widely adopted for use in mass production operations. 

SCREEN FT’s two latest E series systems inherit the same trusted core specifications as its previously released models while also providing dedicated BPDL functionality for the first time. As well as a newly developed LevicoaterTM slit coating system specifically designed for BPDL, each system incorporates a coating nozzle cleaning mechanism and developer unit specialized for BPDL. This array of features is expected to significantly improve and stabilize yield rates during mass production. 

1. An abbreviation for color on encapsulation. This process involves the formation of a color filter layer on the OLED encapsulation layer to provide anti-reflective properties.
2. An abbreviation for pixel defining layer. This refers to the material used to encapsulate the red, green and blue elements in a display so they do not cause interference with each other. While transparent polyamide was employed until recently, technical development is progressing on the use of a black film with superior light-shielding performance that will improve both the service life and energy efficiency of panels.
3. A material used to separate pixels in a display. 

Note: Levicoater is a trademark or registered trademark of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

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