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Kyoto, Japan – March 19, 2019 – SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN FT) has released its new SK-3033G coater/developer and completed delivery of the system to key customers. The SK-3033G is specifically designed for high-precision processing of 10.5 generation glass substrates (2,940 x 3,370 mm), which are currently the largest available worldwide. SCREEN FT plans to leverage these orders for the new system to further expand its business in the large-size display market.


In recent years, the display industry has been pushing to develop LCD and OLED panels with ever higher resolutions in order to meet the demand for 4K, 8K and other formats with ultra-high image quality. At the same time, the industry has also been increasingly seeking high throughput capabilities that can improve productivity, as well as particle control, high coating uniformity and other advances that will boost yield rates. These needs are at a higher level than ever before in relation to production processes for large-size panels for televisions.

In response to these trends, SCREEN FT has developed the SK-3033G coater/developer for 10.5 generation glass substrates. The system is the latest addition to the company’s SK series, a lineup that holds a 68% share* of the global market for TFT array equipment. The SK-3033G incorporates a Levicoater™ coating system that transfers substrates by levitating them on air. It allows the creation of an integrated production line from cleaning to developing, enabling highly efficient processing.

The SK-3033G has received particular recognition for high-performance features such as its cleaning and developing module with an inclined substrate transfer system and single plate oven that provides consistently uniform temperatures. These strong evaluations have already led key display panel manufacturers to place orders for SK-3033G systems, which SCREEN FT has now fulfilled with their delivery and installation.

SCREEN FT intends to continue building on the outstanding operational performance achieved by the SK-3033G. It is confident the system’s superior capabilities will help to expand its business related to display panel manufacturing and also contribute to the overall growth of this field.

* Based on market data for 2018, compiled through SCREEN FT research.

Note: Levicoater is a trademark or registered trademark of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

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