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Image analysis

Using the latest technologies to resolve image processing issues

SCREEN AS has a long history of developing image processing technologies that have been used in some of the SCREEN Group's most successful products. We are consistently at the forefront of new technology acquisition and utilization, including the use of convolutional neural networks in image processing. Remaining at the cutting edge allows us to most effectively address the challenging issues faced by our customers.


2D and 3D solution

As well as 2D images, our highly advanced processing technologies support moving (time series) images and 3D tomographic images for medical and other applications. Our wealth of experience has allowed us to refine our software to create optimal solutions.

Deep learning technologies

Computer learning enables processing to be automatically optimized to handle images that can be problematic when using conventional technologies. This feature provides both enhanced accuracy and robustness.

Image recognition

The use of advanced convolutional neural networks during processing provides superior image recognition. Our acquisition and utilization of cutting-edge technologies ensures we are always ready to address the problems faced by our customers.
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