Corporate Philosophy

We are facing major changes in the recent years. While digitalization is quickly transforming the industry landscape, efforts are underway to rethink the energy policy and achieve green transformation. Moreover, the advanced economies are seeing their working age populations decline in tandem with demographic aging. With an eye on these trends, the companies are expected to provide innovative solutions to address a range of social issues.
In order to meet this expectation and continue growing, we need to revisit our purpose – why we exist as a company – and reflect that in our key message that resonates with all stakeholders as a shared goal. We have therefore revised our corporate philosophy, centered on the newly defined purpose.

Corporate purpose

Innovation for a Sustainable World


“Innovation for a sustainable world” is supported by three key phrases: (1) Sharing the future, (2) Personal development, and (3) Pursuit of technological excellence, highlighting the three key elements: people, technology and the future.
“People” here means not only our employees but also our clients and partners/suppliers – in fact, a whole range of stakeholders involved in our business activities. They also include our predecessors who have founded the SCREEN Group’s history, as well as prospective employees who will support us in the coming decades – sharing our growth story in the past, the present and the future.


“Technology” here means the collection of the SCREEN Group’s technologies evolved over decades through a series of innovation – by adapting our core technologies as well as by collaborating with other companies. The term also includes technological and management knowhow inherited from the past, as well as client relations, business models and methodologies for driving innovations.

Connecting people and technologies

We create new values by connecting people and technologies. This is what we mean by “Innovation.” By driving innovation through this connection, we aim to pave a path for a better future, i.e. “Sustainable World.”

Management System
Management Grand Design
Future ten-year vision for enhancing SCREEN Value
Medium-term Management Plan
Three-year business plan based on the Management Grand Design
Annual Management Plan
Fiscal-year business plan for achieving the Medium-term Management Plan