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Single Wafer Cleaner


A Wide Range of Processing from FEOL to BEOL.

  • 300mm

1. Two Types of Chambers for a Wide Range of Processing

Due to the continued miniaturization of devices and increased complexity of processing, it is critical to ensure optimized, stable conditions during every cleaning process. Some critical factors, such as temperature variations, chemical solution concentrations, and chemical supply timing, can have a profound effect on particle removal performance and the cleanliness of the wafer's surface. To ensure that the SU-3100 offers optimal processing capability under the most difficult of processing conditions, Dainippon Screen has developed two types of chambers.

* LMP (Lite Multi-Process) Chamber Specification
A chamber designed for post-processing such as polymer removal. The chamber's simple structure is focused toward room temperature processing and post-cleaning.

* HMP (Hybrid Multi-Process) Chamber Specification
A full-specification chamber designed for all types of processing. The chamber is able to handle various types of chemical and is equipped with a shield plate that allows watermark-less processing. This high-efficiency, multi-purpose unit also enables both critical cleaning and high-temperature processing.

2. Eight built-in chambers and 300 wafers per hour throughput

A new, compact design enables the SU-3100 platform to accommodate up to eight built-in process chambers.
The SU-3100 also features a new high-speed wafer transfer system that enables throughput of up to 300 wafers per hour.

3. DDI System

A DDI (Dynamic Direct Injection) mixing system has been developed that enables highly accurate flow rate control. Using a technique that causes the chemical solution to react immediately before processing, highly efficient and reduced chemical use is achieved.
It has also become possible to improve the stability of the chemical itself. Also, because the reactive chemical can be kept in a continuous highly stable state, optimal conditions for the etching rate, uniformity, and cleaning effect can be obtained.

4. Better productivity and yields

The new Aquaspin SU-3100 takes advantage of all the merits of single wafer processing. It also incorporates a variety of new elements that enhance operations, and offers improved chemical solution recycling, as well as better handling of high-temperature processing and high-concentration chemical solutions. It features superior management of the cleaning area, as well as low-damage cleaning, and is designed to prevent pattern collapse, oxide film loss, and oxide film growth. It also controls watermarks, cross-contamination, and metallic contaminants.
The result is dramatically improved productivity and higher yields.