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Infrared lamp Annealer


Consistent Processing and Superior Reliability

  • 150mm-200mm

1. The equipment features an optimized contact temperature sensor/TS probe shape. The adoption of a temperature controller that reacts quickly to changes in the annealing lamp temperature improves process temperature control even further.

2. An N2 atmosphere wafer transfer system (option) maintains the purity of the atmosphere in the chamber before and after annealing, and keeps the oxygen concentration in the low ppb range.

3. The improved wafer cooling system addresses the current industry requirement for lower processing temperatures. The result is less time lost waiting for temperatures to drop and improved throughput.

4. A unique wafer handling system and optimized furnace shape, as well as fast gas exchange and a quartz chamber featuring highly efficient infrared transmission, enable extremely consistent temperatures and processing quality.

5. Adjusting the TS probe is simple, and the entire unit is designed for easy maintenance.