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Direct Imaging System for Panel Level Packages


Direct Imaging System for Large Substrates
Offers Superb Productivity and High-Resolution Exposure

1. World-leading 2.0-μm high-resolution imaging

By combining imaging heads equipped with our proprietary iGLV Optical Engine and Laser Control Technology along with our optical system under years of development, SCREEN has created a Mass-Production Direct Imaging System with a (2μm) world-leading resolution. We will remain proactive to the needs of Advanced Packaging whose requirements are constantly driving into the future.

2. High-speed/high-precision exposure at L/S 5μm resolution

With a high-power 355 nm YAG laser and four imaging heads (quad head), the DW-6000 delivers high throughput of 70 panels* per hour at L/S 5μm high resolution.* Substrate size: 500 x 500 mm, alignment: 2 point

3. "Die-by-Die alignment" for high-precision image correction

The DW-6000 features a proprietary automatic image correction function that uses SCREEN's advanced image analysis technology. Positional deviations during chip rearrangement can be read and the exposure data automatically corrected, enabling the optimum exposure to be achieved through the superior performance of our direct imaging system.

4. Grayscale exposure

The proprietary image processing on the DW-6000 allows for both the vias and the circuit patterns to be formed together.

5. Suitable for large substrates for FOPLP

The DW-6000 handles large, square substrates up to 620 mm x 650 mm, enabling wide-ranging response to FOPLP manufacture of all materials, including glass, resin, and PCBs.

6. Supports all kinds of resist coating

The DW-6000 can be combined with various resist coating systems, including SCREEN's high-precision Linearcoater.