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Direct Imaging System for Advanced Packaging


Ideal for 3D Packaging, Bump, and Pillar Formation.

  • 200mm-300mm

1. Equipped with twin drafting head utilizing grating light valve (GLV™) and high-power YAG lasers

GLV™ is the device that equips extremely fine ribbons above the base of a semiconductor chip to reflect light. Moving these ribbons up and down allows multiple light channels to be switched on and off at the same time.
Screen uses the laser control technology that it has developed over many years to expose high-power laser beams at high precision onto the GLV™. This enables an impressive 8,000 laser beam channels to be controlled simultaneously. As a result, synchronization with a high-speed stage is possible, achieving high-speed, high-precision imaging.

2. Handling of warping and non-linear distortion generated during thinning and attachment to supporting substrate

To obtain high-yield and high-reliability device performance, exceptional resolution and overlay accuracy are essential. In addition to its global alignment function, the DW-3000 is equipped with a local alignment capability that controls imaging data and enables correction for each individual wafer.

3. Equipped with a proprietary optical system designed for thick resist processes

To achieve high integration of semiconductor devices 3D packaging technology utilizing TSV is required. The DW-3000 is equipped with a proprietary low numerical aperture (NA) drafting head.
The DW-3000 possesses advantages required in the TSV and bump formation processes as well as sufficient focal depth for thick resists. These features enable outstandingly uniform patterning.

4. Featuring highly reliable high-speed stag

The DW-3000 achieves a throughput of 65 wafers per hour. It has the flexibility to handle from small-run, multi-type jobs through to mass production.

5. Equipped with various options designed for advanced packaging production

● Ability to image the main pattern and chip ID at the same time, enhancing device traceability
● Bridge tool for selecting between 200 and 300 mm wafers
● Ability to mark defective chips
● Handling of thin or warped wafers using proprietary wafer transfer and suction methods


Resolution 2 μm (L/S) or 3 μm (L/S)
Exposure method Direct imaging
(raster scanning method)
Reduction ratio 1:5
NA (numerical aperture) 0.2 / 2 μm (L/S) or 0.1 / 3 μm (L/S)
Exposure light source 16 W YAG laser (i-line:355 nm)
Wafer size 200 mm / 300 mm (selectable)
Overlay accuracy Top surface alignment : ≤ 1 μm (|M| + 3 σ)
Back side alignment : ≤ 1 μm (|M| + 3 σ)