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Coat/Develop Track



Advanced dual track system dramatically boosts productivity
and next-generation technology delivers a new level of cleanliness

  • 300mm
  • Litho Spin DUO S

1. Super clean processing

The LithoSpinDUO-S is equipped with specially designed SCREEN valves and pumps featuring next-generation clean technology for improved particle abatement in the coating fluid. Independent air supply volume controls for the processing area and transport area enable easy adjustment of the system’s internal pressure, and stabilization of downflow further improves cleanliness inside the system.

2. Best productivity

With its improved dual track system and increased number of bake units, the LithoSpinDUO-S can achieve an impressive high productivity of over 320WPH with an inline configuration featuring a state-of-art immersion ArF exposure unit. Access to the bake units for maintenance has also been improved to reduce downtime. Vacuum transfer arms enhance EBR precision by eliminating the need for guide maintenance.

3. Leading-edge process results

A next-generation PEB unit uses uniquely constructed bake plates that ensure high temperature uniformity and rapid response. It offers the ideal solution for a wide range of needs, including the processing of extremely warped wafers.

4. Energy conservation

Reduction of peripheral equipment such as an air-conditioning unit reduces electric power and cooling water requirements. Calculated on the basis of electric power, energy consumption has been reduced by approximately 20%.

5. Reliability assured

Embodying the concept of dual processing, the LithoSpinDUO-S is designed for even better system stability through mprovement of both bake process stability and unit stability.

6. Wireless operation

A wireless service panel makes the LithoSpinDUO-S’s very user-friendly for flexible, tress-free maintenance operations.