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Spin Scrubber


A stacked chamber design, allowing it to be equipped with up to 8 chambers

  • 300mm

1. Space Savings plus High Throughput

The SS-3100 features a stacked chamber design, allowing it to be equipped with up to 8 chambers in the same amount of space as the previous 4-chamber model. Standard throughput is 300 wafers per hour, but with options, the SS-3100 can achieve processing of up to 420 wafers per hour.

2. Easier Maintenance

The SS-3100 uses futuristic CELL modules.
All the chambers within the CELL can be pulled out, making maintenance much easier.

3. Wide Range of Cleaning Tools for a Variety of Uses

The SS-3100 can be customized for a wide range of cleaning tasks, using a combination of tools such as the bevel brush and the Nanospray2, as well as traditional brushes, the Softspray, the Nanospray, and the D-Sonic cleaner (up to three cleaning tools can be mounted for each chamber).


The Nanospray2 nozzle sprays extremely fine liquid droplets onto the surface of the wafer. Under optimal conditions, this minimizes damage to ultra-fine device patterns, a problem that has plagued advanced structures in the past. The Nanospray2’s gentler cleaning contributes significantly to higher yields in the production of next-generation semiconductor devices.

Bevel brush

The removal of edge contaminants is critical for insuring the cleanliness of the wafer surface in semiconductor device production and eliminates this source of yield loss.
The bevel brush is designed to address the need to specifically clean the bevel and apex of both the back and front side of the wafer.