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Compact Wet Station


Space-saving, low-cost batch type cleaning system.

  • 50-200mm
  • C-WET spin

1. The CW-1500 automatic batch cleaning system is equipped with a full range of essential functions and features a competitive cost and 64 percent smaller footprint than the previous WS-620C model.

2. The CW-1500 is equipped with a highly flexible transfer arm.

3. Complicated and hazardous manual chemical cleaning tasks can now be completed safely and efficiently with no chemical processing time variation.

4. All processes from chemical cleaning to rinsing are fully automated, ensuring more consistent processing time and better etching uniformity.

5. Either spin or newly developed DIS* (IPA) drying can be selected to suit the process and application. DIS* (IPA) drying significantly reduces VOC emissions.

6. The CW-1500 supports a wide range of applications from R&D and prototyping to small-lot production and pilot lines for mass production.


Wafer φ50 mm to φ200 mm
Transportation Robot transfer system
Processing Batch processing
Unit of processing 1 carrier
Drying DIS* (IPA) drying or spin drying
Max. no. of processing baths 6 baths
(Max. no. of chemical processing baths: 3)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2,700 mm x 1,350 mm x 2,580 mm
Weight Approx. 1,600 kg