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PV Equipment
<Thin Film Processing> Measurement System (RE-8000)
<Thin Film Processing>Cleaning/Etching Processor
<Crystal Silicon> PSG Vapor Cleaning Machine
<Crystal Silicon> Texture Processing Equipment
<Crystal Silicon> Raw silicon cleaning Equipment
<Crystal Silicon / Thin Film Prcessing> Slit-type coater
Inert Gas Circulation Refining System
<Crystal Silicon>Batch-type diffusion furnace system for PV

Solar Cell Equipment

Fossil fuels such as petroleum emit carbon dioxide and are considered to be one cause of global warming. In contrast, Photovoltaic(solar cells) have been attracting increasing attention in recent years as a green alternative to these energy sources. In addition, to promote further adoption of solar cells, various corporations and research institutions have been engaged in cutting-edge R&D to improve the exchange efficiency and reduce the production costs of solar panels.
The Dainippon Screen Group feels a strong sense of duty to maintain the beauty of our environment for future generations and is focused on the creation of ecological products. As part of this effort, we have started to provide products related to the manufacturing of solar cells. By applying Screen' s proprietary technologies (mainly in the cleaning, printing/coating, and detection fields), we intend to provide products that resolve issues related to the manufacturing of solar cells. We also intend to contribute to the continuing expansion of the solar cell industry and fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen.