Notes of LabProof SE V1.20build31

April, 2009
Dainippon Screen MFG, CO., LTD
Media & Precision Technology Company

Please use LabProof SE after reading this document carefully.

[Following Problems are fixed]

(1) Reference printer can not be used in the case using HP Z2100 by continuous tone.

(2) Spectrometer does not work in the case Stylus Pro 9900/7900 is connected by network under Windows Vista.

(3) Preview is redisplayed even clicking "Stop Printing" in preview dialog by Preview ON setting.

(4) Automatic rotation function does not work with the printer setup wizard.

(5) Positioning message is not displayed at the time of setting a chart to i1-iO spectrometer.

(6) Separated spot color separation could not be simulated by mis-registration function.

(7) Presets name of printer setting is not displayed at the time of reopening printer settings window.

(8) Spectrometer does not work in case setting of automatic rotation is ON by Stylus Pro 9900/7900, HP Z2100.

(9) Drying time can be set by the printer with spectrometer.

(10)Paper white setting can be done by using internal spectrometer and color correction.(*)

[New features of Ver1.20]

(1) EPSON Stylus Pro 9900/7900 are supported.

(2) Quality of Dot proof (Option) is improved.

(3) Canon iPF6000S is supported.

(4) HP Z2100 is supported.

(5) Color accuracy of spot color is improved.

(6) Mis-registration simulation function.

[Limitation in this version]

[Option software]

License key is required to use option software. License key is option software correspond to dongle number.

(1) DotProof option

Half-tone DotTIFF is outputted by high quality. (Refer to "(2) Quality of Dot proof (Option) is improved" in detail.

(2) Multiple printer option

Possible to output to two or more printers simultaneously.


  1. License installation is required when upgrading from previous version.
  2. Double click "LabProof SE V1.20.exe" . New LabProof SE is over written on previous version.
Important Do not install LabProof SE V1.20 without having license of Versin1.2. LabProof SE V1.2 software does not launch without license of Versin1.2.

[Required system]

(1) Connectable printer

EPSON Stylus Pro 9900, 7900, 10600UC, 9800, 7800, 9880, 7880, 9600, 7600
Canon iPF8100, 8000, 8000S, 6000S, 6100, W8400, W6400,
Canon W8200PG, W6200 (Windows vista is not supported)
HP Z2100 (44/22 inch model)

(2) Recommended spectrometer

Xrite i1-iO, i1-iSis, DTP70

(3) Computer specification

Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business
Core2 Duo / 3.0GHz or more
Memory: 2GByte or more

[Note before to use]

(1) Specification of printer connection

LabProof SE has proprietary driver which enable quality output for the following printers. Necessary to install attached Windows driver beforehand.
The connection method with a printer is as follows.
EPSON Stylus Pro 9900, 7900, 9800, 7800, 9880, 7880
Connection with ether or USB network.

EPSON Stylus Pro 10600UC, 9600, 7600, 9500, 7500
Connection with ether or USB network.
For connecting with ether network, necessary to install optional ether network card.
EPSON Stylus Pro 10600UC, 9500, 7500 use USB1.0 connection.

Canon iPF8100, 8000, 8000S, 6100S, 6100
Connection with USB or ether network.

Canon W8400, W6400
Connection with USB or ether network.
For connecting with ether network, necessary to install optional ether network card.

Canon W8200PG, W6200
Connection with USB or ether network.
For connecting with USB, necessary to install an optional USB card.

HP Z2100
Connection with ether network.

Other printers
LabProof SE is able to output to other type of printer using GDI driver. Function such as "Keep primary black" is not available.

(2) Multiple printers

Two or more printers are connected by LabProof SE, but cannot output to two or more printers simultaneously.
In order to output to two or more printers simultaneously "Multi printer option" is required.

(3) File format recommended

TIFF file format is recommended. PDF and EPS file is recommended only when output multi-color data.

(4) Standard target ICC profile

Please use the sample target ICC profile in the "ICC" holder of the Goodies folder of CD-ROM.
Put ICC profile in to following paths.
"C:\Program Files\DainipponScreen\Common Files\ICC"

(5) DIC color guide library

Copy following files into
"C:\Program Files\DainipponScreen\Common Files\CC"
Files to be copied.
"CD-ROM \ Goodies \ DIC \ DIC ColorGuide101.Lab"
"CD-ROM \ Goodies \ DIC \ DIC ColorGuide101.OSC"
DIC color guide is installed automatically.

(6) Reference printer profile

Copy following file into
"C:\Program Files\DainipponScreen\Common Files\ICC\Reference Printer Profiles"
Files to be copied.
"CD-ROM \ Goodies \ reference printer profile \ XXXXXXXX.rfp"
Please read a document in the "document" holder of CD-ROM.

(7) Connection with Macintosh OS 9

PCMacLan is required.

(8) Upgrade license

LabProof SE launch by the license key in the dongle.
License key is indicated by the following documents enclosed by the product.
"LabProof SE License"
"LabProof SE license Setting"
Dongle number is required at the time to order option software.

(9) Demonstration mode

LabProof SE demonstrates for 30 days, even if dongle is not connected. The watermark of [SCREEN] is printed at the time of an output.

[Notes to use]

(1) Hot holder setup

(2) Color matching accuracy

(3)Calibration by using reference printer

(4) Dot proof

(5) Computation time of multiple printer option

(6) Internal spectrometer in EPSON Stylus Pro 9900, 7900 HP Z2100

(7) Use more than three characters for color name of spot color separation.

XXX.Red¥¥¥ OK
XXX.gray¥¥¥ OK
XXX.Z ¥¥¥ NG

(8) Use of internal HDD in Canon iPF8000S, 6000S, 8100

(9) HP Z2100