Digital camera V2 data

For FT-S5500 ColorGeniusEX V2.1


13. July 2005


The processing data for Digital camera was newly added since ColorGeniusEX ver2.1 for FT-S5500. The digital camera V2 data at this time has been improved about the image quality still more.

And this data can be used on FT-S5500 ColorGeniusEX Ver2.1 or higher version.


Notes :

-          It is possible for you to use both of data, current digital camera data and new digital camera data.

-          This data is installed as standard data with the install CD-ROM for FT-S5500 ColorGeniusEX ver2.13 or higher version. Therefore it is not necessary to install this data at another time.


Installation procedure :

1. Download the data with the same language environment for your ColorGeniusEX.

2. Extract the compression data. The folder of  "Digital camera_V2" comes out.

3. Copy this folder under the following folder


   ColorGeniusEX V2 / ColorGeniusEX V2.1 / Input Device


4. When it is Mac OS X, it is necessary to set the "Ownership & Permissions" of the folder to "Read & Write" and apply it to all the enclosed items too.


< The permission change method >

1) Choose the folder of "Digital camera_V2" you copied.

2) Choose "Finder menu" - "File" - "Get info".

3) In "Ownership & Permission" information window, set "Read & Write" for all columns. And click the button of "Apply to enclosed items".


New data :


Input Device name

Digital camera v2

New Input Device

Mode conversion profile name


For Scanner mode data

(Current reference data)


For printing data that is matched to JapanColor2001.


For printing data that is matched to SWOP.


For printing data that is matched to Euro.