ColorGeniusEX V102_Updater_E
                        July 19, 2000

This program upgrades ColorGeniusEX V1.01 to V1.02.  The modifications included in this program are shown below.  Please update the software after you read the following instructions.

Problems in Ver. 1.0.1 and corrected ones
1.Finish quality in deep red areas
Deep red areas in finished images became grainy. This problem has been corrected.
2.Problem after using the Water color mode
When scanning an original in the Photograph or Printed material mode after using the Water color mode, some colors were not rendered properly. This problem has been corrected.

3.EPS files created with DotFinder
Images scanned with the DotFinder and saved in EPS format were not able to be output from the RIP in some cases. This problem has been corrected.

4.Printed material captured in the Gray mode
When scanned in the Gray mode, printed materials became heavy in color. This problem has been corrected.

5.Difference in displayed colors
CMYK colors appearing in the color patches included in the multi-point meter box were not exactly the same as those displayed in the preview window. This problem has been corrected.

#Update procedure

- To upgrade ColorGeniusEX from Ver. 1.0.1 to Ver. 1.0.2
  Then, using the ColorGeniusEX 1.0.2E Updater, upgrade Ver. 1.0.1 to Ver. 1.0.2.
  Double-clicking "ColorGeniusEX 1.0.E Updater", the updater starts.
  Select folder which "ColorGeniusEX folder" .
  The following program/file will be updated.

[Install Files]

   ColorGeniusEX:ColorGeniusEX V1.0:
                        ColorGeniusEX (V1.02)

   ColorGeniusEX:ColorGeniusEX V1.0:InputDevice:FT-S5500:InferentialData:

   ColorGeniusEX:FT-S5500 Maintenance:
                        FT-S5500_V107.sfirm    ->    FT-S5500_V108.sfirm

   System Folder:DS Drivers:
                        FT-S5500 Driver(V1.04)
 Following the procedure described in section "Chapter 5 Maintenance Tool" of the FT-S5500 USERS MANUAL, download the "FT-S5500_V108.sfirm" file to the FT-S5500 main unit.

The upgrade has now been completed.