About Updater for ColorGenius 5.Aug.1999


This program upgrades ColorGenius V1.01 to V1.03. The modifications included in this program are shown below. Please update the software after you read the following instructions.


#Problems in V1.01 that were corrected


[About Recall Setup]

The problem that prevented recalled setting values from being reflected in the multi-point meter palette has been corrected.


[About the Learning function]

Quitting ColorGenius while learning information was being collected in either the Learning mode or Manual learning mode prevented any already collected learning information from being saved. This problem has been corrected.


[About large-sized master files created with DotFinder Tool]

Launching DotFinder Tool to create a master file from a large-sized scanned original caused a File Manager error. This problem has been corrected.


[About an improvement in DotFinder Tool performance]

The processing time required to create a master file with DotFinder Tool has been reduced by about 70%.


[About Year 2000 compliance]

The number of digits used to describe the year in dates for EPSF file output from ColorGenius or DotFinder Tool has been changed from two to four (to solve the Year 2000 problem). Note, however, that two-digit year descriptions will not cause any problems when you are simply retrieving or writing files.


[Increased stability during operation]

Some software problems have been corrected, improving the operational stability of ColorGenius.


[Supporting MacOS 8.6]

ColorGenius now supports MacOS 8.6.


#Update procedure


Double-clicking "ColorGenius 1.0.3E Updater", the updater starts.

Select folder which "ColorGenius folder" .

The following program/file will be updated.


[Install Files]







ColorGenius (V1.03)

ColorGeniusServer (V1.03)





ColorGenius:ColorGeniusV1.0:DotFinder Tool:

DotFinder (V1.20)



System Folder:DS Drivers:

FT-S5000 Driver (2.0.5)

FT-S5000 Control Panel (2.0.4)


And next, double-clicking "FT-S5000Maintenance1.02E Update", the updater starts.

Select folder which "FT-S5000 Maintenance" .

The following program/file will be updated.


[Install Files]


ColorGenius:FT-S5000 Maintenance:

FT-S5000 Maintainer (2.0.1)

SCSIDriver for MRJ2.0

SCSIDriver for MRJ2.1

FT-S5000 Super Maintainer (2.0.1)


ColorGenius:FT-S5000 Maintenance:data:








The upgrade has now been completed.