Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9700

The PI-9700 is a high-end model in our PI series, which boasts a proven track record of use throughout the world. Incorporating SCREEN’s telecentric optical system with both coaxial downward and ring-type diffused illumination, this model specializes in ultra-high-precision circuit pattern inspection that includes the use of the additive method. Minute micro shorts can also be captured clearly with a CCD board that dramatically improves the S/N ratio. In recent years, these units have played an active role in various industries, such as extensive use in the inspection of touch panel metal patterns.


Precise inspection suitable for various design

The PI-9700 uses individualized criteria to achieve precise, high-speed inspection of various areas such as signal lines and pad sections extracted by the CU-9000. This dramatically improves the reliability of high-end circuit board inspection.

Reliable detection of even minute defects

A newly developed image filter function allows dark shorts hidden in the dense parts of signal lines to be highlighted during image capturing. Many other proprietary functions are also available to deliver highly sensitive detection with fewer false calls, providing extremely precise and reliable inspection.

Not only inspection equipment but processing improvement systems

Linking with Sentflow allows automatic collection and management of inspection results for pieces and sheets of IC package substrates. The condition of each layer can now be constantly visualized. A full range of functions including consistent traceability and defect distribution checks effectively support improved processing and increase yield rates.

AOI setup system「EzPreX」

Faster pre-inspection setup without specialized skills

The EzPreX is installed as a standard function, enabling the rapid and automatic setting of optimal values for thickness, alignment, threshold and other parameters. The EzPreX uses a proprietary algorithm to achieve extremely quick and accurate setup. The EzTune is also available, allowing the operator to perform final adjustment while viewing the screen. Used together, these functions greatly reduce operator workload.

Hardware-less Verification System「iSift」

Post-inspection verification of defects can be performed using a network PC. Defect images are displayed as thumbnails in real-time starting with scanned areas, allowing them to be efficiently assessed and classified as accepted or rejected using the mouse. Using this system to sort defects before starting verification in VT series equipment significantly improves processing efficiency and shortens the verification time.