Automatic Optical Inspection System PI-9200S


  1. Highly reliable inspection based on top-level technology 

    With PI series' SCREEN has applied its advanced scanning and image processing technologies refined over many years in the printing and prepress industries to PCB manufacturing processes. This comprehensive inspection system effectively prevents defects from being missed and also significantly improves yield rates.

  2. Simplified operation 

    PI series can be used with the CU-9000 setup station, which allows inspection conditions to be set simply by selecting the CAM data and recipe. Multiple layers can also be automatically output as a batch. Thanks to EzPreX, complicated pre-inspection steps including board thickness and alignment setting can be taken care of with the press of a single button. This greatly reduces setup times and supports stress-free operation that does not require specialized skills.

  3. Elimination of unnecessary operations

    The PI series performs automatic contrast adjustment to compensate for any difference in pattern brightness between lots. This ensures inspection is always performed under stable conditions and eliminates the time and effort required for fine adjustment.

*Based on Screen standard conditions

AOI setup system「EzPreX」

Faster pre-inspection setup without specialized skills

The EzPreX is installed as a standard function, enabling the rapid and automatic setting of optimal values for thickness, alignment, threshold and other parameters. The EzPreX uses a proprietary algorithm to achieve extremely quick and accurate setup. The EzTune is also available, allowing the operator to perform final adjustment while viewing the screen. Used together, these functions greatly reduce operator workload.

Hardware-less Verification System「iSift」

Post-inspection verification of defects can be performed using a network PC. Defect images are displayed as thumbnails in real-time starting with scanned areas, allowing them to be efficiently assessed and classified as accepted or rejected using the mouse. Using this system to sort defects before starting verification in VT series equipment significantly improves processing efficiency and shortens the verification time.