Automatic Optical Photomask Inspection System MI-9700

A newly developed digital interpolation technology enables highly detailed inspection of photomasks with line widths as fine as 7.5 μm. The use of Hardware-less Verification System also allows sequential verification to be started from areas for which scanning is finished, even while inspection is still being performed. This ability significantly improves operational efficiency.


  1. Proprietary inspection algorithm

    A newly developed defect detection algorithm significantly improves the ability to locate fine nicks and protrusions, black and white pinholes, and open/short defects.

  2. Enhanced units to support precision inspection

    An auto-focus unit is provided as a standard feature. During inspection, the unit performs real-time auto-focus based on the condition of the surface of the photomask. It always performs scanning at the exact in-focus position, enabling highly reliable and precise inspection. In addition, the installation of an optimal positioning unit for both the film and glass mask prevents the damage to photomasks caused by handling.

Hardware-less Verification System「iSift」

Post-inspection verification of defects can be performed using a network PC. Defect images are displayed as thumbnails in real-time starting with scanned areas, allowing them to be efficiently assessed and classified as accepted or rejected using the mouse. Using this system to sort defects before starting verification in VT series equipment significantly improves processing efficiency and shortens the verification time.