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Activity Board: For powerful process management

EQUIOS Activity Board is the integrated compass for confirming at a glance job progress from data submission to output by the page sequence. Since job management, from data submission to final proofreading, can be performed using temporary pagination even if the imposition scheme hasn't been finalized, page assignment and other tasks can be performed in advance.
You can also enjoy previewing of page spread and easily check page offset or replace page data and change page order by simple drag and drop operation on this interface.

Action Plan: For fully automated workflow

Action Plan is the stage to make input/output instruction to the job. It can be saved as a template to optimize preparation time and operator's skill. Screen offers a lot more automation function such as automated processing according to the status of input data, section based job management, multiple output ticket to eliminate distraction between devices and integration with front-end and MIS software, toner production printer, offset press and postpress devices.

Auto ganging: Optimized results tailored to your situation

EQUIOS's Auto Ganging feature efficiently performs automated imposition of different small jobs. Intelligent plate design that takes into account details down to ease of cutting further increases productivity in small job printing.
Not just optimizing efficiency, but Screen's auto ganging will work tailored to your production situation. It can be created according to the rule you choose, such as grouping same size job, layouting jobs in horizontal/vertical line and ganging with step and repeat by dividing flat.

Smart Varibale: Accelarating high speed variable printing production

EQUIOS features a function that automatically recognizes re-usable elements and assigns them to a background layer. The background layer can be output repeatedly without re-RIPing. This significantly improves processing speeds for large volumes of variable data, since only the altered portion needs to be RIPed.
Smart Variable Data Processing saves time and ensures the fastest possible output.

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