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Product Overview (EQUIOS)

Workflow Solution
Worflow that combines Screen's prepress knowhow and the latest inkjet technology

EQUIOS_m.gif EQUIOS solution platform allows multiple different types of devices to be operated from a single user interface. It integrates knowhow developed for prepress technology with various functions that enable fully automated workfl ow and high-speed variable printing. This proprietary, next-generation platform fully supports both POD and CtP.

EQUIOS / Trueflow DTP Output Guideline

The 15th Edition for EQUIOS & Trueflow (PDF/19.5MB)
This is the 15th edition of the EQUIOS / Trueflow DTP Output Guideline. In this edition, release information of EQUIOS is newly added. This document is composed of technical information for PDF/X-4 and tips and relevant cautions about how to create or output proper and acceptable data to EQUIOS and Trueflow using latest DTP applications.
Adobe Creative Suite 6, 5.5 and QuarkXPress 9 are newly added in this edition.
Descriptions about PostScript workflow, Adobe CS, CS2 and QuarkXPress6.5 are omitted in this edition.
If you need those information, please see the previous edition: The 14th edition of the Trueflow DTP Output Guideline.
The information in the previous edition is also applied to EQUIOS.

Trueflow Print Utilities 2.6

for Mac (dmg/2.7MB)
for Windows (zip/2.5MB)

This file is to be used for creating proper and acceptable environment in the latest applications to Trueflow operation. Adobe Creative Suite or later, QuarkXPress 6.5 or later for Mac, and also, Adobe Creative Suite or later and QuarkXPress 7 or later for Windows are intended applications. "Trueflow PDFX4 1.4US(EU, J).joboptions" is the new setup file for PDF/X-4:2010 made by InDesign CS5.5.

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