EQUIOS Online Ver.4


Greater customer satisfaction


Proofi ng, approval, monitoring tool

EQUIOS_online_img_02.jpgDashboard for instant checking of proofi ng deadlines
The proofing status of assigned jobs and number of pending jobs are displayed in the calendar. Jobs can be selected directly from the calendar and sorted in order of priority. Being able to instantly view work progress greatly improves the efficiency of schedule management.

EQUIOS_online_img_03.jpg Simple, reliable proofi ng and approval with double-spread view
Proofing and approval instructions plus progress checks can be viewed from anywhere at any time using a Web browser. It is also possible for up to 128 individuals to concurrently proof the same job.

Comprehensive security measures
eqonline_img_02_e.jpg In addition to ID and password protection, a configuration can be selected that only allows logins from preset IP addresses or networks. This effectively prevents access from suspicious sources and ensures problems such as information leaks do not occur.


Preflight view functions

eqonline_img_06_e.jpg The existing preflight report functions have been further improved. Report results are displayed at applicable points on an image of the page. Visually alerting the designer and client of the details of errors and warnings allows revisions to be handled quickly.

eqonline_img_04_e.jpg Proofs can be viewed on screen in several different ways:
Highlight view
Displays the previous data and the most recent data side by side. Emphasizes areas of change by highlighting them.

Superimposed plate inspection
Displays the previous data and the most recent data in the same place and allows the user to switch between them.

Separation view
The separation view makes it easy to check the revisions for each CMYK separation.

● EQUIOS Online comments and annotations can also be saved in PDFs, making confirmation and sharing of revision details even easier and more reliable.
● Approving each page is as simple as pressing the check button.
● Images for proofing can be downloaded to a local machine in PDF format and then output for confirmation using a printer. HTML 5 data that has been proofed in automatic mode can be reused once it is downloaded.


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