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Truepress Jet520EX Advanced

Data printing business

Operational adaptability and flexibility supports the creation of new business

The Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome Advanced delivers outstanding efficiency thanks to a throughput equivalent to 1,720 A4 pages per minute.* In addition, its highly accurate reproduction of gradients and ability to use a wide range of papers allows it to achieve high quality in various fields.
* When using a dual engine duplex configuration. Preliminary calculation for 2-up duplex printing.

520EXad_img_07_e.jpg Streamlining using single-pass printing

With conventional data printing, it is common to use pre-print on an offset printer in advance and then print the variable parts on a non-offset printer. However, the Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome Advanced’s exceptional quality now allows single-pass printing on blank paper. This clearly has benefits in terms of pre-printed shells, and also eliminates paper storage requirements and decreases control and disposal costs. It also enables more flexible handling of design changes required by customers.

Availability of overprinting operation with inspection
By using the inspection system, overprint sections and even the dirts in the paper can be detected at real time.

520EXad_img_08_e.jpg Creation of secure workflows
The Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome Advanced can be combined with an optional bitmap inspection system to allow the creation of a highly secure workflow that further improves the security already offered by continuous document printing.
As inspection results can be exported in CSV format, they can be used for ejecting defective pages in postpress devices and supplied to the printer as reprint information. This allows the construction of a secure system environment with an absolute minimum of human involvement.

Fully compatible with most work environments

520EXad_img_09_e.jpg Flexible layout

I-, L-, U- or H-shape designs can be selected for the printing unit and roll paper unwinder/rewinder unit layout to suit the application and installation space.

Selectable inks
A lineup including both water-based pigment and dye inks is available. The optimal ink type can be selected to suit the work details and conditions.

▶Water-based pigment inks
Pigment inks minimize both strike-through and spreading of characters, enabling sharp, unblurred printing. They also offer high resistance to water, light, heat, ozone and chemicals. These inks can be stored for extended periods, even under rigorous conditions.

▶Water-based dye inks
Dye inks are an excellent choice for applications in which cost outweighs the functionality provided by pigment inks.

520EXad_img_10_e.jpg Ink supply
The remaining ink volume is displayed on a panel. Either cartridge or bottle type ink supply can be selected* to suit operational requirements.
* Specified before shipment

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