Truepress Jet520 Advanced


Linked workflow EQUIOS leads the digital printing era

EQUIOS is a professional workflow system created based on SCREEN's extensive experience, which provides straightforward usage regardless of the operator's own experience and specialized skill. EQUIOS offers high-speed processing using the latest RIP core, practical and easy color management linked to paper information and simplified imposition based on in-depth prepress know-how.

520ad_sample_15_e.jpg Automatic selection of optimal profile by EQUIOS Color Management System
The EQUIOS Color Management System first converts all the elements in a job to the targeted color space, such as FOGRA or Japan Color. It then automatically selects the appropriate ICC profile according to paper types and output devices. Thanks to the EQUIOS Color Management System, the specialized skill is not required to get professional results.

Scalable Load Balancing that maximizes productivity
EQUIOS features a scalable load balancing function designed to ensure optimal performance with the Truepress Jet520 Advanced and other connected engines. The configuring of large volumes of data requires high capacity and load balancing is performed internally to derive maximum performance from the overall system. A system configuration can also be constructed specifically to match the type of work carried out by a customer.

520ad_sample_16_e.jpg Smart Imposition: optimal impositions, whatever the binding method
EQUIOS is equipped to handle not only a multitude of impositions for book binding specifications including saddle stitching, and perfect binding from a single paper roll, but also provides easy layout functions for accessory items such as crop marks and barcodes required for post-press processing. It's a full support system for high quality print production with rapid turnaround. EQUIOS provides precision support for varied customer needs, such as on-demand book production, which has been attracting increasing attention in recent years.

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