Truepress Jet520 Advanced


Outstanding reproduction that creates clearly superior results

The Truepress Jet520 Advanced combines SCREEN's proven inkjet technology with the latest prepress technology.
It provides reliable, high-speed printing while maintaining superior quality.
All this makes the Truepress Jet520 Advanced the perfect tool for the growing full-color variable printing market.

520ad_sample_07_e.jpg Piezo/DOD inkjet head
The Truepress Jet520 Advanced features the reputable Piezo Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet heads manufactured by Seiko Epson Corporation. The piezo elements in these inkjet heads change shape according to the voltage applied, which enables fine control of the ink drops ejected from the inkjet head. This world-first grayscale technology allows the reproduction of extremely smooth gradations.

Better printing and registration precision from a more compact design
The inkjet heads are mounted in SCREEN's unique singlepass multiple-head array, which enables extremely high printing precision. The distances between the inkjet heads for each color, as well as the distances from the inkjet heads to the media, are short, ensuring exceptional color-to-color registration.

520ad_sample_08_e.jpg High-quality printing supporting barcodes
The Truepress Jet520 Advanced enables EAN128 and other high-resolution barcodes to be printed with high accuracy to ensure reliable reading.

520ad_img_03.jpg Print quality monitoring
Unevenness is often cited as a problem when using multiple printheads. The Truepress Jet520 Advanced features builtin quality control scanners, reading a printed test chart and automatically checking and adjusting. The unit is also designed to use special techniques to prevent problems with clogged nozzles. The Truepress Jet520 Advanced’s automated printing quality monitoring ensures consistent, high-quality results throughout each job as the system prints.

520ad_sample_09_e.jpg High registration accuracy
Printing can be carried out with the aid of preprinted registration marks, marginal punches or registration marks created for use as a reference, to make certain print registration is maintained. Related registration marks on the front and back sides of each sheet ensures front-to-back registration and accuracy.
A sensor monitors the paper feed. If the paper starts to come out of proper alignment, the EPC roller tension is automatically adjusted to compensate, so that the paper is fed correctly at all times.

Selection of optimal inks to suit the application
A lineup including both water-based pigment and dye inks is available. The optimal ink type can be selected to suit the work details and conditions.

●Water-based pigment inks
Pigment inks provide outstanding water, heat, chemical, and light resistance, allowing long-term storage of documents. They also offer wide-ranging color reproduction and are suitable for various applications.

●Water-based dye inks
Dye inks offer vivid coloring, with particularly impressive display of intermediate colors. They are also effective for reducing operating costs.

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