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Truepress Jet520

Product Overview (Truepress Jet520)

Full Color Variable Inkjet Printing System
High-quality variable printing to expand your business opportunities

Production printers are always looking for mass-print marketing alternatives to improve response rates, reduce costs, and increase demand for products.
Conventional commercial print job lengths have been reduced as marketing shifts to personalization printing, targeting the specifi c needs of a particular customer or market segment.
This trend is leading to increased need for customized printing, with the highest impact coming from full-color variable printing.
Color variable print allows companies to go beyond focusing on a particular customer type, and talk to an individual.
Personalized printed material can be interesting and effective to the target individual, catching their attention and producing a greater response. Commercial print companies expanding into
the variable data printing market are sure to succeed as the trend continues to shift away from static printing.

**See the variable printintg solution with Truepress Jet520.

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