Truepress Jet520HD


Print Quality

▶ Maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi
The adoption of newly developed grayscale heads allows multi-droplet printing at a resolution of 1,200 dpi. This enables extremely high-quality output of the gradations for middletones, supporting smooth color reproduction with minimal graininess.


▶ Precise 0.1 pt lines and microtext
Conventional inkjet presses are known for their issues with printing microtext and fine lines. Thanks to its maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi and minimum droplet size of two picoliters, the Truepress Jet520HD delivers extremely precise reproduction even in this range. The result is a sharp, eye-catching finish with no spread of ink or jaggies.

■Printing result of 2 pt characters

■Printing result of 0.1 pt lines

▶ Quality control using built-in scanner
Density difference between printheads is often cited as a problem when using presses with multiple heads. The Truepress Jet520HD features built-in quality control scanners that perform regular checks and automatically adjust uniformity. After correction, the information is registered as an individual paper profile.

Ink and Head control

▶ High-performance specialized inks
SCREEN has developed a range of new inks with various properties including water, heat, light and chemical resistance. With a wide color gamut virtually the same as offset inks, SCREEN’s proprietary inks enable unprecedented quality levels for an inkjet press. 520HD_img_09_e.jpg

▶ Two additional printheads
An extra two printheads can be added as options (planned), allowing the Truepress Jet520HD to accommodate specialized inks such as spot colors and protective coats, in addition to CMYK (up to six colors). The wider expressive capabilities provided by these inks greatly expand the range of printing services that can be offered to clients.

520HD_img_12_e.jpg▶ Smart printhead control
The Truepress Jet520HD is equipped with a unique printhead control that recognizes the colors included in print data in advance and activates only the required heads. The printheads that are not in use keep the cartridge caps closed, increasing the efficiency of both ink and energy usage.

Various Capabilities

▶ Easy touch panel operation
The entire sequence of operations from job registration to printing can all be entered and checked from the touch panel. This includes advance registration of paper information and fine adjustments to settings. Touch panel control helps to maximize both on-site work efficiency and uptime.

Basic information


▶ Compatibility with various paper types
The Truepress Jet520HD comes preinstalled with drum heaters and can be equipped with up to five optional air heating units. Either drying method can be selected to suit the paper type. It also incorporates a four axis mechanism that enables stable transfer of a wide variety of paper types.
Together these features provide rapid, highquality printing on standard inkjet papers as well as recycled and special papers with a variety of characteristics. The Truepress Jet520HD also supports paper thicknesses from 40 to 250 gsm, significantly expanding the range of potential applications.

▶ Dynamic Nozzle Shift (DNS)
The Truepress Jet520HD is equipped with the Dynamic Nozzle Shift mechanism. The sensors installed as part of this mechanism perform realtime detection of the oscillations that occur during the high-speed transport of paper. The printing position is then automatically adjusted to the optimal location for the printing data. The mechanism reduces the effects of meandering and skewing much more effectively than in previous systems and ensures stable, consistent print quality.

▶ Cooling roller (recommended option)
The cooling roller normalizes paper that has expanded while passing through the drying unit of the first printer (front side). This helps to achieve high registration accuracy between the front and back surfaces in the second printer (back side). It also prevents excessive heat transfer to the back side printer by the paper and supports stable control and maintenance of the equipment.

▶ Paper feeding assist mechanism
Once the leading edge of the paper is fixed by the paper feeding assist bar, it can be quickly and reliably sent through to the discharge section simply by turning a handle. The stability of this process eliminates paper feeding errors and greatly reduces the labor involved in preparing for printing.

▶ Easy maintenance
The Truepress Jet520HD uses a pull-out type printhead module, allowing daily maintenance to be performed with minimum effort. In the unlikely event a problem does occur, support staff can handle the situation more quickly, helping to maintain high operating ratios.

▶ Safe and reliable ink replacement
The ergonomically designed ink supply system uses 10 liter ink cartridges that can easily be handled by any operator. These cartridges also feature a different cap shape for each color to prevent incorrect insertion. The cartridges also automatically tilt as the remaining volume of ink decreases.

Two 10 liter ink cartridges can be set for each color.

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