Truepress Jet L350UV+ Series


Industry-leading print speeds provide greater flexibility

Truepress Jet L350UV+ models deliver industry-leading speeds for a digital label system of up to 60 meters per minute (optional setting). Proprietary SCREEN inkjet printhead technologies ensure both outstanding quality and throughput.

Chilled roller increases stability for thin materials

Both Truepress Jet L350UV+ models can be equipped with a chilled roller that expands the versatility and flexibility of material types that can be supported. The ability to print on thin and heat sensitive film significantly increases the range of packaging and label applications that can be printed.

Orange ink enables richer reproduction of colors

Orange ink is now supported as an option, along with standard C, M, Y, K and white inks. Corporate colors that usually require spot colors can be reproduced with complete accuracy. The visual appeal of fruits and other foods can also be captured more vividly.

L350LM_img04-2e.png LM.png
Low migration inks improve safety for food package labels

Labels for food packaging must satisfy strict safety standards. The Truepress Jet L350UV+LM features newly developed low migration (LM) inks* and a nitrogen purge mechanism that dramatically reduces extractable ink components after printing. As well as decreasing migration risks, these innovations significantly lower typical UV ink odors. Together they help to extend the considerable merits offered by digital technologies for variable and short-run printing to food packaging applications.
* Low migration inks cannot be used with, or substituted for, standard inks. Migration levels are subject to individual migration tests. They may vary depending on the conditions of usage.

Low migration inks are compliant with EuPIA Exclusion Policy for Printing Inks & Related Products, Swiss Ordinance and Nestle Guidance.

High image quality boosts product appeal

Truepress Jet L350UV+ models feature proprietary SCREEN printheads with four step droplet technology. The outstanding expression of color gradations enabled by the systems’ high-resolution screening, coupled with the wider color gamut of our proprietary UV inks, create an impressive depth of natural beauty.

Sharp and reliable printing of even fine characters

The Truepress Jet L350UV+ series is able to print the finest of detail, capturing the highest definition and the smallest of text point size. The choke function also prevents thickening of outline text, providing excellent legibility even for the large amounts of information usually found on pharmaceutical and supplement labels. These features enable one pass processing of individual lot numbers and other variable printing jobs.


■ New nitrogen purge mechanism

The Truepress Jet L350UV+LM features our newly developed nitrogen purge mechanism. UV ink curing can be inhibited by the presence of oxygen. Our innovative technology reduces its density to an absolute minimum to accelerate curing. A separate nitrogen generator is required.


■ Specially formulated wide color gamut Truepress ink

Low odor
UV inks have a characteristic odor due to the materials used in their production. Truepress inks use specially selected materials that effectively reduce this odor and also accelerate UV curing.

Wider color gamut
Truepress inks are produced using a proprietary formula, enabling the reproduction of a wider color gamut using the CMYK color space. The ability to use orange ink further extends the range of color reproduction.

L350LM_img05e.pngMinimal buildup
With their combination of small droplet heads and reduced ink thickness enabled by the use of proprietary inks, Truepress Jet L350UV+ models deliver a more natural appearance with minimal quality variation. They also decrease ink buildup, an issue with conventional UV inkjet systems, to achieve a smoother finish.


L350LM_img06.png Mark sensors
The mark sensors read light sensitive marks that have been printed in advance, allowing them to be used as references for performing high-precision overprinting.
L350LM_img07.png Splice detection sensor
The splices in joined media (splice media) are detected with dedicated sensors. Following detection, the printheads move up and down while the processing speed is maintained. This makes it possible to continue output without stopping the equipment.
L350LM_img08.png Web cleaner
With its combination of a cleaning roller and adhesion roller, the web cleaner effectively removes dust including paper particles and powder. This device ensures low maintenance and stable, uninterrupted operation.
L350LM_img09.pngCorona unit
Performing corona discharge onto the media before printing improves the surface and increases ink adhesion.
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